Texas Surf Fishing | Fishing Spots, Best Time & Baits For Surf Fishing

texas surf fishing

BBQ, parties, live music, golden beaches ….Texas has everything for every people. And the latest addition to Texas’s crown is surf fishing. With its long shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico, the Lone Star State offers an amazing surf fishing experience. Hence, when fall advances, many people show their interest in Texas surf fishing. If …

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Shaky Head Fishing | How to Use Shaky Head Worms Like A Pro

shaky head fishing

If you love fishing, the chances are high that you have come along with the term, ‘shaky head fishing.’ Indeed, the shaky head fish is a beast, either you will love it or disperse it. Nonetheless, reports aren’t rare where professional fishers have won Bass tournaments with the shaky head worms despite their reputation of …

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