How to Catch Skipjack | Tips, Secrets and Best Time for Skipjack Fishing

how to catch skipjack

Skipjack fishing is perhaps the newest buzz in the angling world, and it has been surging anglers’ minds away these days. However, most, if not all, anglers still lack knowledge on how to catch skipjacks, and it’s understandable. First off, skipjack broadly refers to a few different species from the Tuna family. So, many people …

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How to Catch Big Bass | Big Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks

how to catch big bass

Bass is, without a doubt, the most popular and sought-after freshwater game fish. These fishes will often grow over 10 pounds. However, catching the large bass isn’t easy, especially for beginners. Hence, most anglers consider large big bass as their prized catch. Hence, we keep confronting with questions like, “How to catch big bass?” It …

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Salmon Fishing Tips | How to Catch Salmon Like A Pro

salmon fishing tips

Anyone fond of fishing knows that salmon is very delicious and nutritious.  In fact, most anglers love to eat salmon caught freshly from the source right in the stream. However, capturing the salmon is not as easy ardently as you imagine, especially if you are a beginner. Nonetheless, with the proper understanding of Salmon fishing …

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