Kayak Fishing For Redfish | Tips and Suggestions

kayak fishing for redfish

Today we discuss Kayak Fishing For Redfish. With its bronze appearance, the redfish has become one of the popular saltwater game fish in the USA. Redfish are found in abundance from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf coast, and anglers love casing after the trophy catch.

Redfish live in shallow water where approaching with large boats isn’t possible. Hence, kayak fishing for redfish is gaining popularity as a safer and better option. Nonetheless, you can’t just pick any kayak without proper fishing gear and expect to catch the redfish.

With its agile body and strength, Redfish is ready to give you an intense fight and check the strength of your fishing line. So, you have to prepare differently for catching redfish from a kayak.

The following tips will help you with this cause.

Tips For Kayak Fishing For Redfish

Redfish are quite large species, with catches weighing 50 lbs that aren’t uncommon. It means the fish is indeed big enough to challenge your fishing skills and check out the quality of your fishing gear. That’s why you must pick the right gear and have confidence in your fishing skills to get this prized catch.

Locate The Redfish

During the early 1970s, redfish were near to extinction. After that, the Conversation Act came into play, and thanks to strict laws, we now see an abundance of redfish in the coastal area. But not all coastal regions are suitable for redfish angling from a kayak.  The top locations include-

  1. The coastal area from Mexico to Massachusetts.
  2. Texas Gulf Coast
  3. North Carolina East Coast
  4. Near the Atlantic Coast

You will find plentiful redfish in the shallow water close to the shoreline. Also, you can go deep water and stay on the kayak bow to catch the big redfish.

Pick The Right Time

If you go for redfish during the low tide, you might not get a single of them. That being said, you need to pick the right time to catch the redfish at ease. These aggressive fish loves when water floods the marshy lands and grasslands around them, creating smaller pools.

So, when the high tide reaches the shore, you can quickly get your hands on the fishing reel and line. But in low tides, you may find some redfish caught in shallow water.

However, you can’t ensure getting the fish by picking the right location and time to fish them. As these are large coastline fish, you need to have the right gear to tackle their weight and strength.

Find The Right Kayak

You can’t just choose any kayak and hope to chase a large redfish. Since they live mostly in shallow water, you need to find a kayak suitable for shallow water. Ensure the kayak is lightweight, sturdy, and can handle the tussle between you and the fish.

So, an inflatable or multiple-layered kayak will be a good option. If it allows you to stand and fish, it would be even better.

The Right Gear, Baits, and Lure For Redfish

The spinning reel works best to go after the redfish. You can choose 2500 to 3000-size spinning reel to target an average redfish. Also, select a fishing rod with medium action. A seven feet fishing rod will do fine for you.

Use 15-lbs braided fishing line for the rod and reel and use a 15-20 lb fluorocarbon line as the section in the fishing line.

And for lures, you can ask the bait shop or local anglers to help you pick the right lure for redfish.  We suggest you go for natural bait since redfish are indeed aggressive and will chase anything that is their natural prey. You can, however, choose soft plastics as artificial bait. Make sure it smells like natural bait.

Different Ways to Catch Redfish

When you kayak fish for redfish, you should slow down its speed and wait with patience. When you cast your fishing line in a place and wait without noise, the fish will slowly start showing their presence.

  • Sight casting:

You can use a light fishing line for shallow redfish. For lures, you can choose natural baits, artificial scented lures, and spoons. For better sighting of the fish, you should stand on the kayak. So, make sure your kayak is stable and can take your standing position without jitters.

If you don’t have live baits, you should choose jerk or swimbaits for redfish. Rig the bait under a cork or in a jig head.

  • Trolling:

If you don’t find sight fishing fruitful, you can use the trolling technique. When you troll the swimbait or spoon in water, it covers a bigger space, increasing the chance of alluring redfish. It works better where the fish is hard to find.

For starters, troll from the shoreline and push your kayak parallel to the bank. Once you complete a pass and reel on a jumping rod, you can start the next trolling.

Also, expert anglers say that chasing after birds that flock around a specific area is a good indication of redfish abundance in that space. So, if you see such flocks of sea birds, you must take advantage of the situation.

Finding The Right Water Temperature

Redfish love trolling in colder water. So, you need to find cool water to increase the angling chance. As they mature, the fish will go to coastal and deep water for colder water in the winter. Also, during low tides, you will find redfish in dead canals and bayous. They will pile up in these locations in cold water, making your redfish angling from a kayak a brisk task.

And during warm days, such as summer, you will find them in ponds, lagoons, and shallow bays.

kayak fishing for redfish


Kayak fishing for redfish is increasingly getting popular. You can take up the challenge and go out on the shallow shoreline for redfish with a kayak.  Initially, you will have difficulties. As you learn the technique and find the right spot to fish for redfish, you will love chasing after them with your kayak. Plus, you can enjoy nature from the kayak, which is a bonus that none would like to miss.

Just make sure you have the right redfish angling gears to get your trophy catch- that’s it.

Kayak Fishing For Redfish | Tips and Suggestions

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