Salmon Fishing Near Seattle | Best Fishing Spots & Guidelines

salmon fishing near seattle

Seattle is one of the country’s most hyped and sought-after outing destinations thanks to its tempting blue ocean, green rainforest, high mountains, and numerous lakes. Bit Seattle is not only about the scenic beauty only. It is also a dream location for anglers, especially those who want to have some colossal salmon in their catch …

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How to Choose a Surf Fishing Reel | Things You Should Know

how to choose a surf fishing reel

Once you know how frequently the quality of a surf fishing reel improves, you will be utterly surprised. To speak the truth, surf fishing is one of the most challenging sports nowadays. Similarly, to cope up with the ever-changing surf-fishing, manufacturers are on a constant surge of development. Yet, the saltwater and marine environment quickly …

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Shaky Head Fishing | How to Use Shaky Head Worms Like A Pro

shaky head fishing

If you love fishing, the chances are high that you have come along with the term, ‘shaky head fishing.’ Indeed, the shaky head fish is a beast, either you will love it or disperse it. Nonetheless, reports aren’t rare where professional fishers have won Bass tournaments with the shaky head worms despite their reputation of …

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