SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod

SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod Review For 2023 | Expert Guide

Today we will discuss SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod Review. Fishing needs patience and it can really test yours. In fact, the struggle is not the part where you wait for a fish to bite but the struggle to keep your temper starts when you get a bite but fail to catch the fish. Your line may break, your reel may get stuck, and you may just handle it all wrong.

Whatever the case, it may ruin your mood. You go fishing to feel better not to feel worse. You do it to get the results of your efforts instantly. While luck plays a big role in a fish biting, so does the preparation you take.

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In order to ensure that you will catch the fish that bites your bait- you need to get the right gear. And, one important piece of gear is the fishing rod itself. It dictates how well the other parts of the rod will act.

There are so many different sizes and brands available that it can get very confusing to choose from. Let us check out the SHIMANO Clarus 7’0 Freshwater Casting Fishing Rods and see if this can fulfill your needs.

foot fishing rod
foot fishing rod

SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod Review:

​SHIMANO Clarus 7’0 Casting Fishing Rods: The Features

What does the SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod offer you? Does it offer you features that can really help you? Let’s find out.

1. A Good Length 

Not all rods are long and neither do you need all rods to belong. However, even when you need a very long rod, it can be hard to find a rod that is good at being long. Yes, the rod has to be a good one at being long to serve you right.

When you are trying to catch the larger fish then you may need the longer rods. It can be more challenging to handle but the long rods should be well-built enough to handle the pressure.

The seven-feet long SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod is one such rod that is quite good at being a rod. So, if you are looking to use baits like a worm, jig, or even spinner bait, this rod has you covered.

2. Thirty-Ton Graphite Blanks 

You need the rod to be sensitive to the bite of the fish. And, you need to be quite fast at responding. The graphite blank of the Shimano Clarus freshwater rod makes it very sensitive and responsive. Therefore, you will catch a fish’s nibbles super fast and get the chance to react immediately.

The rod is lightweight as well so it won’t strain your hand. Also, the fast response does not mean that the rod is not durable. It is very strong and well-built. Therefore, it won’t break easily- you can rely on it for a fight.

3. Medium Heavy Action 

The rod has a medium-heavy action and it performs quite well at it. In fact, the good combination of the length, weight, and action of the rod makes it more efficient and durable.

It has a good blend of strength and responsiveness. You can rely on it for various styles of fishing. It is quite flexible in that aspect.

4. The Guide And Reel Seat 

You want the rod to be durable and you also want it to handle the different parts you attach to it well. Apparently, the rod has high-quality Fuji guides and a reel seat. Therefore, it can take on a reel really well and also the lines.

You will be able to enjoy smooth and long casts with this Shimano rod.

5. The Handles

One of the most important things of SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod can provide you with is comfort. This will help you gain enough patience to fish. The Shimano Clarus rod is capable of providing you with this exact blessing.

Apparently, it has AA-cork handles that keep the fishing sessions very comfortable for you.

SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod: Pros And Cons


  • The rod is very long and it works wonderfully for its length- serves its length right.
  • ​​​It is well-built with great quality- just what you would expect from Shimano.
  • ​​​Even the guide and the reel seat are of high-quality belonging to Fuji.
  • ​​​​It is lightweight.
  • ​​​​The handles are very comfortable.
  • ​​​​The rod despite being lightweight is very sensitive and responsive.
  • ​​​​It looks great as well.
  • ​​​​The casts will be long and smooth.
  • ​​​​​A very good price.


  • ​​​​It is very long and you may have a hard time storing it or carrying it.
Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod
Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. does this rod fold?

No, this rod does not fold. With its length, it can be a bit hard to store and transport in a car as it does not fold to a compact size. You have to be quite careful when transporting it.

2. what is the line it is compatible with?

It is best to choose line weights from 10-20 lbs for this rod.

SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod
SHIMANO Clarus Fishing Rod

​Final Notes:

If you are looking for a rod of great length then you can at least check the Shimano Clarus 7-feet rod out. In fact, Shimano has rarely disappointed as a brand. With its years of experience, it knows how to do things right and an example is this Clarus rod.

It will surely top your long-length rods. Furthermore, it is not just the length it excels at. You can rely on it for sensitivity and responsiveness as well. The quality of the build is great.

It not just feels great in your hands but also looks great. And, all that for a price that does not break the bank! Could it get any better? Maybe.

The only drawback is that this rod is long. While the length is great for the lake or sea, it’s not for the car or the house. You may have some difficulty if you have to carry your gear in your car. Because this rod does not offer easy portability.

But, if you can handle just that, you will love what this rod offers you!

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