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Best Ice Fishing Line in 2023 | Reviewed By Experts

Today we discuss Best Ice Fishing Line. You might always blame it on the lake for not having enough fish or the fish for not being hungry but you actually have a great influence on how much fish you catch. Apparently, the fishing line plays one of the most important roles in catching your prey.

This is the line that connects you and your fish so it is quite obvious that it plays a crucial role. You may choose to blame the quality of the line itself but who bought the line? You! So, what you face while fishing is totally up to you. Apparently, the line is super important even in normal fishing, and in ice fishing, it is super, super important.

​You actually have more things to consider when you are ice fishing. Because of the more adverse condition of the course. With higher difficulties, you have to take higher measures.

Unless you want to escape from the guilt of losing 50 fish by lying to yourself, make sure you choose a line that is perfect for your purpose and also of high quality. If it still malfunctions after rigorous speculative buying then you can peacefully blame the line itself.

Therefore, in order to be able to blame everything on the line and do your part well, gain knowledge about ice fishing lines so you can choose better. Also, get introduced to the best lines available and you will surely make the best decision that will send the best ice fishing line to your hands.

10 Best Ice Fishing Line For 2023:

  1. Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Monofilament Line
  2. Sufix Ice Magic Fishing Line (Clear)
  3. Berkley Trilene 4 Packs 100% Fluorocarbon Ice Line
  4. Berkley FireLine Micro Ice Superline
  5. Sufix Ice Magic 100-Yards Spool Size Fishing Line
  6.  HOFAM Braided Fishing Line
  7. Sufix Performance V-Coat 50-Yards Spool Size Braid Line 
  8. Seaguar Abrazx ICE 50-Yards Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
  9.  Frwanf Braided Fishing Line
  10. Sufix Ice Braid Fishing Lines (75 YD Spool)

1. ​Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Monofilament Line

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If you want a monofilament line despite some of its shortcomings, good news for you, this Berkley line has reduced the effect of those properties and made you a masterpiece.

In fact, you will be surprised to see how well this line performs in ice water despite having a thin diameter. Well, yes, the thick diameter will not provide you with as much strength as you would want to find heavy fish. But, the good news is that it makes casting and controlling your jigs a breeze! Moreover, it has just the right amount of strength to not freeze or break due to sharp ice edges. This is the perfect line for you if you are after lighter species. Its highest test weight is 8 lbs.

Furthermore, it has such a low stretch and memory that you will be surprised that it is a monofilament line you are using. You will feel the lightest touch of those lightweight fishes that are not even aggressive.

However, the trouble you might face is with the knots. A few customers complained that the knots reduced the strength and lead to the lines breaking. Apart from that, a few customers complained of tangles too.

​​Very low stretch for a monofilament line enables it to be more sensitive.
Minimum memory.
Does not freeze.
Strong enough to handle the sharp edges.
Easy casting and controlling.
​​​Does not have a great test limit.
Might get tangled easily.
Knot points may break.

2. ​Sufix Ice Magic Fishing Line (Clear)

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For this particular line, I have found an explanation of the word ‘Magic’ used in its name myself. Apparently, the ‘clear’ color version of this line is so clear that it will be hard to detect in water. Those icefishes have no chance of sensing danger with this magic fishing line.

Now, if you are looking for an all-weather fishing line that does exceptionally well in winter, this is the one you are looking for. Apparently, it is capable of resisting water all seasons long and even when it’s icy cold. Therefore, you will never see it freeze.

You can use it for lighter species and you will be amazed at the strength with which it gracefully brings in your prey. Moreover, it is quite flexible in nature and you can easily tie knots in it. This won’t even decrease its strength. The reason is probably that it is really thin.

Therefore, you can cast really long and easily with it as well. Furthermore, this improves the line’s sensibility as well. It has not reached our number two for no reason, you know. One trouble you might face is with memory. Because around two to three customers complained that they found that this line has some considerable amount of memory.

Excellent tolerance to low temperatures.
Does not freeze or break in the icy water.
Has a thin diameter that makes casting with it easy.
Moderate sensibility.
Good strength.
Easy to tie knots in.
Has a bit of memory.
The memory might lead to tangles.

3. ​Berkley Trilene 4 Packs 100% Fluorocarbon Ice Line

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You know what you need fluorocarbon lines for! Topwater fishing! You can definitely do underwater fishing with it as well but the best results come when you are fishing on top water. Since fluorocarbon is water-resistant, you can expect no effect of the temperature and ice on it.

Moreover, you will enjoy handling it thanks to its thinner diameter. Apparently, casting and tying knots in it is really easy and won’t ever give you a headache. Apart from that, you can hope to land some big fish with this lien as well. Most customers are amazed by the strength and flexibility this fishing line has to offer.

The thin diameter will help to improve the sensibility of the line. And, there is the low stretch to help in this matter, of course. Moreover, the line is so thin and the color so good that fish will not know what hit them even after it hits them. However, that does not sacrifice its strength in any way. One trouble you might or might not face is with more memory. The customers who had something negative to say mainly mentioned that it has more memory than they expected.

Water-resistant and great tolerance for cold temperatures.
Strong and able to handle the prey well.
Easy to cast.
Tying knots is easy.
Low stretch increases sensibility.
Thinner diameter.
Low visibility.
Might seem a bit overpriced.
May have a bit more memory than expected.

4. ​Berkley FireLine Micro Ice Superline

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You have heard of monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon, now add ‘Microfused Dyneema Fibers’ to your list. Apparently, if you are looking for something stronger than monofilament lines then this is what you should be looking for.

This FireLine Micro line has these fibers in it which not only increases its strength but also makes it tougher. You can peacefully and confidently fish for species of about 4.5 kg weights. The increase in strength does not, however, increase the difficulty by any means for you. It has a really thin diameter which makes it easy to cast and handle.

You will have good control over your lures and the low visibility will keep the fish unaware as well. However, you will in no way be unaware as this super-sensitive line will keep you aware of even the most subtle bites. The only problem you might face is with the line curling over time. But, that only happened in a rare few cases so if it meets your needs, buy away.

​​​​Increased strength and toughness due to ‘Microfused Dyneema Fibers’ in it.
Thin diameter helps sensibility.
Easy to handle and cast.
Low visibility.
Responds to even the slightest bites.
Abrasion-resistant and performs well in cold conditions.
A bit pricier than others.Might curl.
One customer found it to be too stiff.

5. ​Sufix Ice Magic 100-Yards Spool Size Fishing Line

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Remember one of the biggest disadvantages of monofilament lines? It is its tendency to absorb water over time. If this is the reason you tend to avoid monofilament lines then good news for you, you can enjoy all the great features of this line minus the negative with this Sufix Magic line.

Apparently, Sufix got rid of this huge trouble by adding some chemicals that prevent the monofilament from absorbing water. Therefore, it stays light and does not cause sensibility troubles. Moreover, with improved sensibility and durability, you also get to enjoy the basic monofilament benefits! Casting and handling this is super easy.

In fact, handling it won’t be tough even in this icy water. Furthermore, it has a design that enables it to sink in water. With its thin diameter and lightweight, it will not be very visible so the fish won’t know that there is anything fishy going on. Apparently, this line is 100 yards long and will help you handle fish well. You can expect this line to last quite long thanks to the added components to make it more durable.

A strong and tough monofilament line.
Water-resistant due to special additives.
Easy to handle.
Casts well and long.
Sinks fast in water.
Low visibility.
Not prone to tangles.
Moderate sensibility.
Most customers have only good things to say about the line’s performance.
However, a few complained that this 100-yard length was falsely advertised as a 400 yard one.
As a result, they paid the price for a 400 yard one and received a 100-yard line.
So, beware of such false advertisements.

6. HOFAM Braided Fishing Line

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Were you looking for a braided line with good sensibility? Congratulations! You found it! The HOFAM braided line is everything you want a braided line to be. First of all, let’s get the basics cleared. As a braided line, it offers you zero stretch and as a result, you get the highest sensibility. Chances are you try hard enough you can even feel a fish near your lure (That’s probably not possible).

Moreover, the line has a low memory as well. So, you do not have to worry about curls and tangles as often. With its low visibility and the color gray, you do not have to worry about the fish taking a hint either.

If you think that it’s only the basic problems you do not have to face but new problems will show up, you are wrong. Apparently, this braided line is super strong and tough as well.

This is due to the four Strand Dyneema strength fibers used in its build. In fact, you will find tying knots with it easier thanks to the presence of these fibers. While this line offers you more than what general braided lines will do, it does, however, offer you lesser ease of handling than a monofilament.

Strong and tough.Easy to tie knots in.
Zero stretch helps sensibility.
Low memory keeps it curl-resistant.
Low visibility.
Fewer tangles.
Suitable for not just ice water but all other waters.
Not as easy to handle as a monofilament line.

7. Sufix Performance V-Coat 50-Yards Spool Size Braid Line 

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This is, apparently, another braided line that will amaze you with its quality and performance. In fact, it is made from a high-tenacity polyester braid that is quite dense on the inside.

Therefore, you get a very good diameter-to-strength ratio. You won’t have any trouble with the strength of this line as it will handle even the big species really gallantly. Furthermore, it is abrasion-resistant and can handle those sharp ice edges well. You do not have to worry about the durability many thanks to these features.

As for performance, you will actually be surprised at how easy it is to handle and cast. Although not as easy to handle and tie a knot in as a monofilament one, it is quite easy compared to other braided lines. The low stretch provides you with the highest sensibility required for ice waters.

Furthermore, low memory also keeps you away from the irritations associated with curls. It sinks quite fast in water which leaves the fish even more clueless than its appearance.

High quality builds from high-density and high-tenacity polyester.
Anti-freezing and abrasion-resistant properties keep it functioning at its best in ice water.
Low stretch helps sensibility.
Low memory keeps irritation away.
Easier to handle than most braided lines.
Vinyl coating for weather tolerance.
Good diameter to strength ratio.
Not as easy to handle and cast as a monofilament line.
Although it’s a braided line it still has a bit of stretch while others have zero-stretch.

8. Seaguar Abrazx ICE 50-Yards Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 

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In order to handle extreme conditions like ice water and the obstacles inside, the lines have to be extremely strong as well. And, that is exactly what Seaguar Abrazx is. With a complete fluorocarbon build, it is stronger than you would expect it to be.

Furthermore, you already know that fluorocarbon resists the absorption of water. Therefore, there is barely any chance of the line freezing. Its high abrasion resistance also equips it for ice-water obstacles. It is a bit thicker than the lines we mentioned but this thickness helps in making its tensile strength remarkable.

On the other hand, the thickness does make tying knots in it difficult. While you will enjoy excellent impact strength and durability, you might not be very impressed with casting because it isn’t the easiest with this line. The line is very soft and supple as well.

Apart from that, the line has really low visibility. It hits the water and disappears instantly leaving fish with no clue about what’s going to hit them. However, you can definitely find better lines at the price this line comes at.

​​​​​​​Strong weather tolerance.
Does not absorb water or freeze.
Great tensile strength.
Remarkable impact strength.
Low visibility.Abrasion-resistant.
Convenient spool size.
A bit thick so that sensibility of the line is not so great.
More expensive than other lines.

9. Frwanf Braided Fishing Line

No products found.

If you have a higher budget then this is a fishing line you can consider buying. Apparently, it is neither monofilament nor fluorocarbon that makes this braided line. It is a multifilament braided line. The good thing is that the multifilament helps to increase the strength of the line and makes it more capable of handling and bringing in those fighting fishes.

However, the bad news is that a few customers complained that this line is not as strong as the brand mentions it to be. While it has a listed strength of 50 lbs, you might often find it difficult to deal with 30 lbs. But, others were satisfied with the line. As for tolerance for temperature, the line has a coating that makes it water-resistant and also abrasion-resistant. As a result, the rough conditions of the ice waters won’t affect it much.

This line has zero-stretch which you need to have a high sensibility for those not-very-aggressive ice water fishes. You will get notified of the slightest fish movement underneath thanks to the sensibility.

Moreover, the line has a low memory which keeps it away from unnecessary curls. With the thinner diameter, it is quite easy to cast and handle as well. However, many customers considered it to be too stiff. Although this did not cause trouble for them when it came to catching fish, you should keep in mind that too much stiffness can cause a line to break (which this line never did). Lastly, the line is very durable and wear-resistant. It even resists color fading.

​​​​​​​​The multifilament build makes this braided line quite strong.
Thinner diameter makes it easier to handle and cast.
Tying a knot in it is easy as well.
Excellent tolerance for ice waters thanks to the protective coating.
Zero-stretch makes it highly sensitive to nibbles.
Low memory keeps curls away.
Very durable in every way.
Low visibility.
​​​​​​​​​​Can be a bit too stiff.
It does not have as much strength as it claims to have.

10. ​Sufix Ice Braid Fishing Lines (75 YD Spool)

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Sufix is just unbeatable in this fight between lines, isn’t it? It has made it to our list for the fourth time and for good reason with great quality. The Ice braid fishing line by Sufix this time has a Y6 braiding that resists ice buildup. Therefore, it is perfect for handling those extremely cold situations and is also strong enough to handle the edges.

One more thing this line is great at doing is providing you with the strength you need. In fact, you will never be disappointed at how well you can handle weights with this line. The 75-yard line is better than the 50-yard line as the smaller length does not really suffice.

Enough about the strength, let’s talk about how easy it makes catching fish for you and how accurate it is. In fact, this line has no stretch at all which helps you be aware of even the slightest movement in touch with your line. Moreover, you can tie knots very easily in this line.

It is quite thin in diameter, as a result of which it has low visibility. The color helps in this regard as well. It is super easy to clean as well. Lastly, you do not have to worry about the line snapping or wearing out. It is built in a way that not only requires low maintenance but lives quite long with it.

Good quality braiding increases tolerance for extreme cold weathers.
Provides a considerable amount of strength.
Zero stretch makes it super sensitive.
Thin diameter makes it easy to handle and also easy to tie knots in.
Low visibility.
Very durable.
A bit pricier than others

Buying Guides For The ​Best Ice Fishing Line

You should keep a few basic and a few extra things in mind when you are looking for the best ice fishing line. If you do not, the blame’s on you and you can never escape from the guilt.

1. The Species You Are Targeting:

Well, I would have added the location you plan to fish in too but we all know where that is- ice water. By species you are targeting, I mean the size of the species you are after. You know that ice water fishing is different from regular water fishing.

Apparently, you already have a lot on your plate to deal with and one less thing to deal with should be the fish weight because it’s absurd. As you have to deal with it in normal water as well. So, make sure you do not face trouble because you are using the wrong line for the wrong species. Determine your target species correctly and choose the line that can handle the relative maximum weight.

2. The Strength Of The Line:

No, the first and the second point do not imply the same thing. The first point means choosing a line that can handle the weight of the fish. On the other hand, the second one means choosing a line that can handle the extra pressure icy water puts on your line. When you drill a hole through the ice, your line has to handle the sharp edges at its bottom.

Apart from that, cold water can prove to be heavier than normal water. You cannot expect a summer line to handle it and come out unharmed. Therefore, whichever strength of line you choose, make sure it’s not only from the fish that it protects the line but also the other conditions.

3. Sensibility:

You may consider yourself lazy in general. But, don’t you always surprise yourself with your rising level of laziness during winter? Apparently, even fishes get a bit lazy and have low metabolism in icy water.

Therefore, they are less aggressive and do not exactly attack your line. This will cause you to only feel subtle nibbles rather than actual movement. So, what you need is high sensitivity. Your line should be able to deliver the slightest signal to you so you do not sit there while your target eats and leaves.

In order to get the highest sensitivity, you have to consider two things- stretch and memory. The lines that do not stretch or barely stretch are more sensitive. Again, the lines with low memory also provide you with better signals.

4. The Type You Need:

You will, in general, find three kinds of fishing lines to choose from- monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon. Apparently, each of these lines has its own benefits and shortcomings. For example, monofilament lines absorb water eventually and this will lead to your line getting heavy easily and also becoming less durable.

However, these are easier to cast and control. Again, fluorocarbon lines are great for topwater fishing thanks to their low visibility and water-resistant properties. You can make the line float on water and due to their transparent-ash color fishes won’t even guess a thing. Lastly, the braided lines will probably offer you the highest sensitivity as they have zero stretch and no memory.

Therefore, each can be used in ice water but it depends on you which benefit you need more.

5. Anti-Freezing:

What happens if your line freezes? Two things- you will never catch a fish and your line will snap. Therefore, one of the greatest necessities of an ice fishing line is its anti-freezing property. The only reason you would not have considered it was if you thought lines do not freeze. But, they do and you should not choose a line that does.

6. Flexibility And Ease Of Use:

Your line will snap if it’s not flexible even in normal water let alone in ice water. Therefore, make sure it is flexible enough to handle what it needs to handle. Furthermore, you should consider how easy it is to tie knots in it. You should be able to tie knots super easily and also the knot should not decrease the strength of the line. It would be a shame if the line breaks at the knot point.

7. The Diameter:

You should definitely choose a diameter that’s not so thick that it causes tying problems again not so thin that it’s too weak. Thinner diameters make casting and handling easier and thicker ones have more strength but less distance. Which one you need is completely on you.

8. The Jig:

Apparently, the jig wouldn’t have been much of a consideration in the case of normal fishing but for ice fishing it is. In fact, it is better for you to have heavier jigs rather than lighter ones. But, heavier jigs would require more space right? No. Tungsten jigs are heavier than lead jigs but measure the same. Therefore, choose tungsten over lead.

9. The color:

Yes, the color matters because fishes can see the color, surprise! Therefore, the color should be as less visible as possible. Since ice water is so clear, transparent colors will be best.

However, you might need some color guidance as you won’t be able to see as clearly as a fish underwater. The movement of the line will be visible thanks to its color. So, choose a color that the fish is bad at detecting but you are good at.

10. Durability:

It does not matter if you are fishing in ice water or regular, the line should be durable. In fact, do not even think that you have to keep buying ice fishing lines regularly because the good quality ones with the proper properties will last long enough to not irritate you. The good ones should not just be abrasion and UV-resistant but should have enough strength to deal with icy obstacles as well. If necessary test your line but do not give in to low expectations.

Benefits of Buying An Ice Fishing Line

You definitely need some extra benefits from an ice fishing line than a normal one. So, what are these benefits that would encourage you to buy a whole new line for the icy season? Take a look:

Stronger In The Build:

The condition in ice water is more aggressive than in regular waters. It’s not just the fishes that put up a fight but general conditions under and above water that requires your line to be stronger. There are those ice edges to consider and also other obstacles underneath. An ice fishing line is usually made in a way so it can handle these tougher obstacles along with the heavier species.

Higher Sensibility:

Doesn’t your hands get numb when in contact with ice for too long? Luckily, fishes do not get numb in ice water but they do have reduced metabolism rates. As a result, their bites on your lure won’t be very aggressive or noticeable. For this reason, ice fishing lines usually provide you with higher sensibility.

Anti-Freeze And Abrasion Resistance:

 You definitely would not want your weapon to freeze. Ice fishing lines do not freeze and also have abrasion-resistant properties.


Ice fishing lines usually have higher flexibility as they need to be flexible to handle the knots in low temperatures. If you use a regular line to tie a knot, you have a higher chance of the line breaking even before you tie the knot in cold temperatures.

faqs for Best Ice Fishing Line:

how to choose the line of the right weight?

The weight of the line you use completely depends on the species you are after. For example, for trout and panfish, lines of 4-6 pounds will do. Again, when you are after Pike and lake trout, you will need heavier lines of 12-18 pounds.
When you are fishing or doing anything in delicate conditions, it is necessary to make sure that your equipment can handle the situation.

If your equipment itself freezes in ice water while on a trip to catch ice fish, it is completely inefficient. You cannot enter your enemy’s ground with tools suitable for your own home.

Therefore, when you choose an ice fishing line, make sure it is perfect for fishing at the place you plan to fish. Moreover, it should be perfect for the species you plan to fish as well. Consider each of its properties well and you will end up with the best ice fishing line there ever was.

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