How to Catch Panfish

How to Catch Panfish | Panfishing Tips For Beginners

As Panfish is widely available in both rural and urban areas, most of the beginners start fishing with it in the local pond. Sometimes, catching this common fish appears like a skilled job. Then it requires proper tricks, tips, and basic strategies. If you are new in fishing, then you need a proper guideline to be successful in pan fishing. There are plenty of tips on the internet. Some of them are easy to follow, and some of them are a hard nut to crack. After thoroughly researching, we have made a simple yet effective guideline, which will help you to acquire the skill, how to catch Panfish. 

The Nature of Panfish

Panfish is not an individual species; instead, it describes the several species of small fishes. If we explain more precisely, then it can be fitfully in a frying pan. They are mostly available in the freshwater and hardly available in the saltwater. It means that you can easily find them in a small pond or lake instead of the sea.   

Panfish are aggressive and a better fighter than any other sunfish. They are omnivorous and almost eat everything they get in the mouth. As they are used to eat any local fish, it is not difficult to find baits for them.

Choosing The Right Equipment

For any fishing, you will always need to have precise instruments. Otherwise, it will be challenging for beginners to be successful in fishing. As various types of panfishes are highly distributed in local ponds, there are some tricks and tips to follow. For your convenience, we have listed some necessary equipment below.

Lightweight Rod

For small-bodied fishes, you should go for a 7-footer fishing rod that has light-weight capacity. When it is made of graphite, it offers powerful performance, even being light-weight. So, the professional fishermen always prefer to have a fishing rod, which is built with graphite.

Small Hooks and Baits

Normally, the mouth of any panfish is tiny. So, you have to make sure that your bait is smaller in size. You can smoothly go for local baits like grasshoppers, crickets, and small worms, which are the best bait and readily available as well. If you don’t want to use live baits, then you can go for artificial lures from the local store.

Monofilament Line

As Panfish is small in size, there is no need to have a heavy monofilament line. Moreover, a heavy one is costlier than the light one. So, going for the light-weight monofilament fishing line is the right option.

Light-weight Bobber

Using a bobber is not compulsory, but it is a fantastic strategy to attract fish. Make sure that you are using a light-weight bobber; otherwise, Panfish will let go of the lure or bait. For bobber, you can go for 3-3.5 kg, which is accurate for any small fishes like Panfish.

Small Reel

Having a light-weight reel with a small spinning capacity is the best for adjusting with both light rod and light line. The weight of the reel shouldn’t be more than 2.5-3 kg. Moreover, ultra-light reels are available in only 200-250 g, which can also be an excellent option for pan fishing.

Panfishing Tips: Step by Step

Step 1- Setting-up Hook and Line

First of all, you will need to attach your reel to the fishing rod by pulling the line through the bottom loops of the rod. Then tie the end line to the hook. Lastly, check the reel by spinning that everything is working smoothly.

Step 2- Setting Bobber

There is a hook available on the bottom of the bobber. By pressing down that hook, try to push it towards the top of the bobber. Then wrap the hook line from top to the end. After securing the top level, you have to press the hook again and wrap it firmly for two times.

Step 3- Casting Rod

For casting the rod about 10-20 feet away, you need to release the trigger and flick it in the motion of upward. Furthermore, you can also do it from either boat or shore. In summer or spring, it is better to fish in shallow water areas.

Step 4- Pulling-up Rod

Whenever you feel any nibble, you have to pull up your rod as soon as possible. As Panfish is small-sized, you need not put that pressure to pull them. In case, you feel the tugs more than one, and the given bait is gone, then you have to use another bait.

Step 5- Reeling Fish

After setting the hook, it is time for pulling up the rod and rotating the reel. It will bring the targeted fish near you. Then, hold the handle of the rod with one hand and lift it to the center with the help of the other hand. Keep lifting until you see the fish coming out from the water surface.

Panfishing Tips

  • Because of the hot summer, panfish use to stay in the deep level of the water. So, in this case, you need to set your bobber height 10-20 feet long.
  • In late summer or spring, when the temperature is almost 25 degrees, most of the panfishes come to the shallow water. So, this is the best time for panfishing near shallow areas.
  • Late spring or summer is also the best time for pan fishing, according to some anglers. In this period, they use to be more active than the other times of the year.
  • You have to choose the bait in the right size, and that size must be small or medium. Otherwise, it will be bigger than the mouth of any panfish.
How to Catch Panfish


Depending on the area and season of fishing, you need to follow some crucial steps. It is obvious that Panfish is widely available fish, but still, some strategies should be followed for having successful pan fishing. We hope the mentioned tips and tricks are useful enough to learn how to catch Panfish. 

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