Night Fishing Lights

Night Fishing Lights | How to Choose Proper Lights for Night Fishing

Today we will discuss Night Fishing Lights. Fishing is one of my best hobbies. I love sport fishing and sometimes I also fish for food. My love for fishing began when I was about eight. My dad often took me along on his fishing trips and I savored every moment that I was there.

Today, I have a family of my own and we often take fishing trips together. If you have never been to the waters before, fishing might look the same. However, what you might not realize is that we have day and night fishing too.

In this post, I want to talk about night fishing lights. These are the lights used by the guys who fish at night. Let’s take a look.

Night Fishing Lights

How to Choose Proper Lights for Night Fishing?

One of the most vital tips for catching fish at night is the use of the fishing light. In this post, I want to give you a few tips to choose the proper fishing light and also grab the big fish at night.


The underwater fishing lights for night fishing come in three main types. These types include LED, uncovered bulb lights, and covered bulbs. All three have their merits and demerits but they all deliver.

They are good at attracting fish and giving you the best catch of the night. LED lights are known for their longer life span and longer illumination time. LED also doesn’t require so much energy to work.

Uncovered bulbs, on the other hand, don’t require maintenance. They function better than their covered counterparts and will last longer too.

Lumen Rating:

I have said this before and I will say it again. Always focus on the lumen rating. A lumen is the unit measurement for the amount of visible light that the bulb emits. It follows therefore that the higher the lumen rating the brighter the light.  

Nonetheless, the number of lumens that you will require depends on what and where you will be using the light for.


You must be wondering why I am talking about brightness when I already talked about lumen ratings. Well, we have many manufacturers, and they all design differently. More importantly, the way a blub shines in water is not the same as it would on land.

Light can’t travel much in the water as would through the air. How bright your light should be can, therefore, depend on any of these factors.

  • How clear the water is.
  • Whether you are attaching light onto a hook.
  • If you want to attract large amounts of fish

NOTE: If you are attaching your fishing light for night fishing on the hook then you don’t need very bright light on the sides.


Night fishing like daytime fishing needs you to pack lightly. If this is the case then you need to check the weight of your light. A bigger light will be hard to move around with. However, a sizeable one might be a better option.

The storage space is also something to worry about. The best light is one that doesn’t eat so much space either.


The bulbs are sealed and waterproof. However, the components around are not. Even so, electrical components require the best protection against water. Because of this, you want to ensure that what you are buying is actually safe even in water. There are often bait lights that are waterproof to about 2,100 feet under water.

Additional Night Fishing Tips:

Here are additional night-fishing tips that will help you to catch more fish and also to get the best out of your night fishing light.

Check The Weather

Before you choose your best fishing lights, make sure you have the day’s weather at your fingertips. Monitor the radar closely before taking your boat out. This will help you to adjust the lights according to the type of weather that you will experience.

NOTE: If rain is expected, it is important that bring ponchos and waterproof lights. Often the best time to fish at night is before and after it has rained.

Pack Lights Early

It is not right to pack your fishing gear just before you leave. Preparing your boat and your fishing gear during the day is usually better. Daylight packing will allow you enough time to countercheck your checklist and to make sure you bring the right lights.

You will also have enough time to carefully select the right lures and bait that will work for you when out there. One thing that you shouldn’t forget is to bring an extra fishing pole in case the first one fails.

Bring The Fish-Finder Too

Apart from the fishing lights, it is important to bring with you a fish finder. This is often an essential night fishing device that could save you so much hassle.

Proper Lighting

Naturally, the right lighting is also very important when it comes to the night fishing excursion. And while you will require a mounted light on the front and the back of the boat, other night lights will also be necessary.

Get an adjustable headlight. In addition to that, you can include a rub rail light system, docking light strips, moon glow strips, and UV black lights.

Select Right Lures

The choice of the right lure is very important. And trust me the perfect lure often varies from one type of fish to the next. There are usually ideal lures for Bass, Walleye, and Muskies. However, this is a story for another day.

Night Fishing Lights


Night fishing is an amazing experience. It can be exciting and very memorable. During the night, catching fish is very easy. Fish move to the reeds and shallows to feed which makes them quite vulnerable to the determined night fishermen. In addition to that, the lake is also peaceful and with virtually no activity to scare the fish off. However, to make the experience better a night fisherman should always use night fishing lights. If you’ve never gone fishing at night, it’s about time you did.

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