Steelhead Fishing Tips

Steelhead Fishing Tips | How to Fish Steelhead Like A Pro

There are numerous types of fishing techniques that an angler can learn. With some patience and enthusiasm, an angler doesn’t have to stick to one fishing technique. Personally, I know more than ten fishing techniques and I find that to be quite enjoyable.

Among the fishing techniques that I enjoy are freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, deep-sea fishing, and steelhead fishing. Today I will tell you something about steelhead fishing. They include smart steelhead fishing tips and what you should know.

Let’s hit the road and see what we have here.

What’s Steelhead Fishing?

Another name for steelhead is the steelhead trout. Steelheads are a type of fish. They spend a better part of their lifespan in saltwater and will only enter freshwaters for spawning. After spawning, the fries that will also hatch will stay in freshwaters until they are mature enough to survive in the ocean.

TIP: Spawning refers to when the female fish digs a hole and releases her eggs into it before the male fish goes over it and fertilizes those eggs. The hole is referred to as a red.

Where Can I Fish for Steelheads?

As you can see and from our explanation above, these types of fish can survive in either salt water or fresh water. Nonetheless, steelheads survive in the ocean in the middle of the year. So you can fish for that around that time.

But there is one problem. There are so many fish types in the ocean. If you want for steelheads, you could end up with a variety more.

The best solution to this is, therefore, to spots that have been identified as the residing place for steelheads only.

I highly recommend freshwater as that’s the place they spawn and live before they get into the ocean.

Does Steelhead Fishing Need a License?

Yes. Not only does steelhead fishing require a license, but sometimes you’ll have to get a license for the fishing area. It is always very important to check the requirements and regulations that are in place.

Steelhead Fishing Tips: What Gears Do You Need

In this section, I will give you some of the gears that you need when going steelhead fishing. Let’s dig in.

The best steelhead fishing gear will depend on a number of things. Some of these things that will determine the steelhead fishing gear that you need include the following.

  • The location where you want to fish
  • A fishing technique that you want to go with
  • The number of people that you are
  • The reasons why you are fishing for steelheads

Nonetheless, because you are specifically going after the steelheads, I suggest looking for the following gears too. You can choose the best ones for you in line with the place that you’ll be fishing at.

Fishing Rod

There are several rods that you can use for steelhead fishing. They include medium-heavy, thin, long, and heavy rods.

Even so, the most common steelhead fishing rod size that you can always start with is the 8.5-foot rod or the medium-heavy rod.

It is the all-purpose rod and will be very useful in case you are fishing in waters that are deep and flowing fast. In addition to that, this rod will also do well for beginners. However, in the shallow and calm areas, you can look for a longer rod. Longer rods are called noodle rods and are also super cool.

NOTE: It is important to choose the right reel too. The most recommended reels for steelheads are the bait casting reels. This type of reel helps you to gain more control and to adjust the amounts of the line that will come out as you cast.


For steelhead fishing, you can use live or dead baits. Steelheads are easy to entice. You don’t have to choose much. However, several live treats will be tasty and eye-catching. Here is a list that you can go with.

  • Minnows
  • Maggots
  • Sand shrimp
  • Egg skin
  • Wax worms
  • Roe
  • Night-crawlers


Bobbers or jigs are the lures to go with. For the anglers that use baits and combine them with lures, these options can do a great job too.

The bobber is a great choice. It is a simple float that will go on top of a fishing line so that it prevents your fishing hook from sinking and touching the aquatic floors. This method has been hailed by many anglers as an effective one.

A bobber is also better as it is easy to adjust to a specific depth of the sink in the fishing water. The jig, on the other hand, is an artificial lure, which you can attach to your hook while sometimes it comes in the form of a hook too.

Techniques For Fishing Steelheads

When it comes to fishing for steelheads, there are several techniques that any angler can use. Some of the best ones that you can choose from are these:

  • Bobber and jig/bait
  • Spoon fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Spinners
  • Float fishing
  • Plunking
  • Drift fishing
  • Back trolling

NOTE: These fishing techniques will depend on the location that you are fishing on. In case you want a better fishing experience, you can always switch between some of these angling techniques.

Steelhead Fishing Tips


Unlike other forms of fishing that you might know, this one targets a specific type of fish. That’s what makes it enjoyable. With time, you can smooth the rough edges and enjoy fishing steelheads all the way.

Nonetheless, before you do that, remember to prepare the right equipment. You should have the right reel, lure, and the right location. All these three are very important and will help you to nab some of the largest steelheads. Just remember, if you have to go fishing, don’t go alone. Always find some pals to go with or simply join the best anglers club that you can find around your place.

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