The Top 3 Edmonds Pier Fishing Tips

The Top 3 Edmonds Pier Fishing Tips

Today we discuss 3 Edmonds Pier Fishing Tips. If you’re new to pier fishing, or if you’re just looking for some tips on how to make the most of your time at the pier, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll give you three essential tips for fishing success at the Edmonds Pier.

Edmonds Pier:

Edmonds Pier is a pier in the city of Edmonds, Washington. It is located at the north end of Edmonds Beach and extends into Puget Sound. The pier is open to pedestrians and fishermen, and it is home to the Edmonds Fishing Pier Association.

3 Edmonds Pier Fishing Tips:

1. Use the live bait:

One of the best things you can do when fishing from the Edmonds Pier is to use live bait. The water around the pier is full of small fish, which means that there is plenty of baitfish for you to use as well. Just remember to keep your bait alive and healthy; otherwise, you won’t be able to use it for long. Some of the best baitfish to use include herring, anchovies, and smelt.

2. Don’t forget your weights:

Another important tip for fishing at the Edmonds Pier is to make sure that you don’t forget your weights. The pier can be quite windy, which means that your line is going to need some help in order to stay down in the water where the fish are biting. Weights will also help you cast your line further out into the water, increasing your chances of hooking a fish.

3. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of fish :

one of the most important things you can do when fishing from any location is to be patient. Fishing takes time and patience; there’s no way around it. So, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to relax and enjoy the experience. After all, that’s half of what fishing is all about!

Some other tips for Edmonds Pier Fishing:

Cast your line out as far as possible for the best results:

There are a few things you need to know in order to cast your line out at Edmonds Pier Fishing. First, you need to find a good spot. You can either use your own fishing rod or rent one from the pier. Once you have found a spot, make sure there are no fish swimming below you. If there are fish, they may accidentally bite your line and break it. 

Next, put your bait on the hook. If you’re not sure what kind of bait to use, ask the staff at the pier for some recommendations. Once your bait is on the hook, dip the line in the water and wait for a fish to bite. When a fish bites, reel it in slowly and carefully. If the fish is too big for your line, it may break, so be careful.

Keep your eyes open for sea lions and other wildlife:

To keep your eyes open for sea lions and other wildlife while fishing at the Edmonds Pier, be sure to stay alert and constantly scan the water around you. If you see any movement or hear any splashing, take a look to see what’s going on. Also, keep in mind that sea lions can often be seen resting on the pier itself, so don’t be surprised if you spot one lounging near the railing.

Location, location, location – the best place to fish on the pier is near the end:

The most important facts to choosing a location at Edmonds Pier fishing are.

The first is the tide. Make sure to check the tide chart and choose a location that will have good tidal flow during your period of fishing.

The second is the time of day. Early morning or evening hours will typically be the best times to fish.

Lastly, weather can play a factor in choosing a location, so be sure to check the forecast before heading out.

Other factors such as wind direction and water clarity can also affect where you choose to fish, but these three will be the most important in determining a good location.

Use a variety of bait – worms, shrimp, and salmon eggs are all good choices:

The Edmonds Pier is a great place for fishing, and using a variety of bait can help you catch more fish. Worms are a great option for bait, and shrimp can also be effective. Using a variety of bait will help you attract more fish and increase your chances of success.

The Top 3 Edmonds Pier Fishing Tips
The Top 3 Edmonds Pier Fishing Tips

Final words:

The Edmonds pier is a great place to fish for a variety of different species. Whether you’re looking for salmon, steelhead, or bottom fish, the pier has something to offer everyone. We hope that these three tips will help you make the most of your next fishing trip to the Edmonds Pier. Remember to use live bait, don’t forget your weights, and be patient for the best results. Happy fishing!

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