Red River New Mexico Fishing

Red River New Mexico Fishing: Fish Species, Tips, and Tricks

When you plan for fishing, one place on our bucket list is the Red River town in New Mexico. With trout and rainbowfishes in abundance,Red River New Mexico fishing can be incredibly satisfying and memorable.

Nonetheless, you need to know the top fishing species there and the locations to get them. Or your will end up looking for the legendary trout and get nothing. We don’t want this to happen to you. So, we decided to develop this guideline on the fishing species, spots, and tips for Red River.

Get ready for your fishing rod, reel, and baits, and jump into the Red River if you want a great summer weekend.

Red River New Mexico Fishing Species and Spots

Red River is one of the most famous and awesome resort towns in New Mexico. Among multiple exciting and thrilling outdoor activities in the town, fishing remains the top passion. Anglers from all parts of America want to fish here at least once in their life.  This is the craze of Red River.

The town is not populated, and you will find various fishing spots breaming with different species for your catch. The top species and spots include –

Rio Grande

If you are a fly fisher, Rio Grande has plenty of offerings for you. The spot is easily reachable from John Dunn Bridge. Its location is amidst a few national parks, including the Wild Rivers area.

Once you reach the Rio Grande, several eye-catchy and easy-to-walk trials will welcome you. You can follow any trail and reach the water with ease. For fly fishing, usually, the fall season is the best. But latecomers will also get some prized catch given that they are willing to play the patience game.

You will get pikes, browns, rainbows, and cut bows in abundance here. So, your bait won’t come empty. Plus, Rio Grande is a top fishing spot in the Red River with long walking trails and serenity.

The Upper Red River

If you are a lazy angler and don’t want to go far off from the town, the Upper Red River will be a good place to set your fishing line.

You can fish in the beaver ponds. It is located a few minutes away from the Upper Valley of the town and is within walking distance. Once you reach here, purposefully stocked rainbows and brooks will satisfy your angling quickly.

But if you want large trout, the 1-mile long section will be a good spot. The town’s water is designated as the Trout region, and you can get one or two prized catches without issues. Just ensure you have the right lures and baits.

Red River

The town itself offers amazing fishing locations for all sorts of anglers. If you want the best fishing experience in Red River, choose a location close to the bushes and underneath the numerous bridges carefully.

These locations are open for all. However, a few spots may be marked and avoid. There are many town ponds close to the Lift House. Also, the river is stocked with various species. You can catch rainbow and trout in abundance here. Also, as you fish, the serene ambiance will add up to your sleeves.

Red River fish hatchery

The Red River fish hatchery is a fishing hotspot for many anglers for its easy reachability and abundance of various species. It is located just 2 miles from Questa.  So, a few minutes of the drive towards the west will be a great option.

The best part about the fishing hatchery is that you can fish in the upper and lower streams here. Also, you can access both locations easily from the parking lot.

Fishing Tips for Red River

In the above section, we have mentioned five top fishing spots in Red River. However, knowing the fish spots won’t help you in angling. You need to know the top tricks for fishing in the town and its nearby areas.

Tip 1: Follow rules

New Mexico strictly implies that anyone over 12 years old must obtain a fishing license for angling in the state.  Junior license is available for 12-17 years old. The regular license is issued for anyone over 18 years and people from 65 to 69 years old usually get a discount on their license.

You can get the license from all offices of the Department of Wildlife. Also, you can check the fishing stores, as many of them providea license for easy access.

Tip 2: Creek Fishing Is the Way to Go

Red River has multiple tributaries that include Pioneer, Goose, and Bitter Creek.  Also, you have restrictions on tackles in the town.  You are allowed to use artificial lures and flies. For hooks, you can use barbed and single hooks only.

And for fish species, you will find cutthroat, rainbow, trout, and browns plentiful in all three tributaries.  There’s no restriction of fish species, and it is open for all unless prohibited in a few spots with declarations.

Tip 3: Ready to explore

Red River comes with multiple fishing spots. So, when you head for the town, you should be ready to explore the town and its nearby locations. You will surely have one of the most memorable fishing experiences here.

For instance, you can go to Eagle Nest Lake if you are a salmon river. The cooler water of the lake is a favorite spot for the Kokanee Salmon. Also, during winter, the lake offers a unique ice fishing ambiance that you will truly appreciate.

Red River New Mexico Fishing
Red River New Mexico Fishing


Red River New Mexico fishing will add spices to your dull life. You can enjoy angling in various fishes without much restriction. Plus, the town offers some scenic beauties and thrilling outdoor activities that will mesmerize you.

Apart from fishing, you can enjoy the exotic foods, mountains, cozy accommodations, and amazing lakes for an unforgettable weekend. And a few brown trout or cutthroat will be a nice addition to your kitty bag.

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