Bass Fishing in Nevada

Bass Fishing in Nevada | 10 Best Bass Fishing Spots in Nevada

Today’s topic is Bass Fishing in Nevada. Most of us consider Nevada to be basically a desert. With most, if Nevada is covered in desert terrain, it is generally not tough as a place where you can go fishing. However, for those people who have lived here all their lives, we sure do know that you actually have plenty of sources to fish in.

Although Nevada may hugely be a desert, there are actually more than over 200 lakes as well as streams and rivers, amounting to over 600. If you may be wondering where you fish in Nevada and which could be the best spots, look no more as we’re here to guide you. This article comes with the 10 Best Spots of Bass Fishing in Nevada. So simply read on and gain as much knowledge as you can.

10 Best Spots of Bass Fishing in Nevada: Where You Can Go Fishing

  1. Lake Mead.
  2. Sheep Creek Reservoir.
  3. Lake Mohave.
  4. The Colorado River.
  5. Echo Canyon Reservoir.
  6. Wild Horse Reservoir.
  7. Lake Lahontan.
  8. Ruby Lake.
  9. Washoe Lake
  10. Lake Tahoe.

1. Lake Mead.

The top choice appears to be Lake Mead which is one of the largest lakes made by man in the U.S. Built in the 1930s and located on the Colorado River, Lake Mead is known as the first place that comes to mind when thinking about bass fishing.

Although it does include a lot of other fish species, such as rainbow trout, channel catfish, crappie, bluegill, and many more, besides largemouth and smallmouth bass only. A man-made reservoir just 25 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Lake Mead is also known to have a huge population of Stripers.

However, if it is that you just need to do, then you can end up with a lot of basses that are both small-mouthed and large-mouthed. There has also been a state record around 1999, for the largest bass caught in this very Lake Mead, weighing 12 pounds.

Besides being a fishing area, Lake Mead is also a Recreation area that allows boating, fishing from a kayak, water, skiing, and also canoeing. While you can fish as long as you want, you can either choose to fish from the shoreline, the watercraft, or the three smart fishing piers that are available in the park.

You might also want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment since the water in the lake is quite deep, and fishing fish quickly may become a challenge otherwise.

Other than that, after fishing for the day, you can even relax at the comfortable picnic zone that is completely set up with tables, water, and fire grills to cook your catch. If you are looking for something adventurous, then feel free for a small hiking session amongst the beautiful mountains, the desert plateaus, the cacti, and the canyons. The beautiful scenery is sure to take your breath away.

2. Sheep Creek Reservoir.

The next best place to think about is Sheep Creek Reservoir which is 13 miles away from Owyhee, NV. The sheep Creek reservoir gets its water from the wild horse reservation, which has quite a lot of population when it comes to fish that have even made it to the ultimate trout fishery.

Sheep Creek is famous for giant rainbow trout, and many other fish which is why it is habitually popular with fly-fishermen, who want to catch rainbows, cutthroats, tiger trouts, and so on.

Besides that, the sheep Creek reservoir is also an amazing place for smallmouth bass. Ever since an angler bought a smallmouth bass in 2010 that weighed 8 pounds and 11ounces, this reservoir has since then held on to a record for smallmouth bass.

The place is also well-equipped with camping zones, picnic areas, launch or dock areas, places with shades from the sun, and restrooms.

Although the reservoir is famous for the largest smallmouth bass, the bass has actually migrated from the Wild Horse Reservoir. An interesting piece of information is that the Duck Valley Indian Reservation has requested anglers to not return the bass to the water because it is considered to be an invasive species by the Northern Paiute tribe.

3. Lake Mohave.

Lake Mohave isn’t as popular as Lake Mead, but it is actually one of the best places within the entire state, to fish for bass. Lake Mohave is a 64-mile reservoir that is located Southeast of Las Vegas.

While its big sister, Lake Mead might have a lot of people all season round, if you actually want to go someplace which won’t be as crowded as Lake Mead, then Lake Mohave is the place you’d rather be.

Besides producing larger fish, the lake also has more structures and since Lake Mead is very popular, this results in less pressure on the fish in Lake Mead.

While the kinds of fish found there include stripers, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, bluegill and so many more, Lake Mohave even holds a record for a huge striped bass being caught there. The 63-pound bass was caught in 2001 and was the largest fish caught in the state.

When it’s winter, there are excellent fishing opportunities here. Not only will you see a lot of trout, but you can also find a lot of stripers, and let’s not forget the bass. You don’t want to miss the early morning fishing hours during the spring and summer times either, and as for some bass fishing, head to the south of Willow beach, where you will find countless bass.

Besides all that, you will also like the facilities provided here, such as plenty of room to choose from, numerous camping grounds, and also amazing marinas.

4. The Colorado River.

There are actually two places where you can choose to fish. one is the Hoover Dam, the other being Lake Mohave, which we have already covered at the very beginning. If you want Smallies and Bucketmouths, then you can consider going further down south into Laughlin.

However, if you want to fish for large and smallmouth bass specifically, then go towards the southern part of the Colorado River. Fishes ranging from largemouth bass and smallmouth bass to rainbow trouts and catfish are all available.

5. Echo Canyon Reservoir.

Another amazing place that has an abundant supply of largemouth bass, besides other fish such as white crappie, rainbow trout, and brown trout, is the Echo Canyon Reservoir.

The 65-acre reservoir is 10 miles down the stream from Eagle Valley reservoir, which is yet another great fishery in Lincoln County. It is located within the Echo Canyon State Park and you can fish here for any season you want.

Although there’s no promise about finding any big-sized fish there, you will most definitely find a lot of fish in this reservoir so you can fish all you want. Apart from being allowed to fish 24 hours all year round, you can also stay the night if you want, since there is also a camping ground available for fishers and anglers who want to stay there overnight. Besides that, a boat launch ramp is also available on the north shore.

6. Wild Horse Reservoir

Another popular place for fishing is the Wild Horse Reservoir in Northeast Nevada. The reservoir, which is located roughly about 65 miles north of Elko on State Route 225, is a beautiful spot that is always brimming with tourists and visitors who enjoy a number of activities such as hiking, boating, or swimming.

During winter there are also ice fishing opportunities besides other fun winter activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, and many more.

If you’re looking for extra adventures, there are camping facilities in the park, where you can see a variety of animals including mule deer, pronghorn, elk, and also several kinds of birds and waterfowl.

Warm water fishing is also available in their fishery, apart from which, the resort there also provides RV hookups, motel services, restaurants, a bar, and stores so you can stay there while fishing. Near the north of the reservoir, there is also a boat ramp and they also have access to shore fishing.

7. Lake Lahontan.

The Lahontan Lake in Nevada is a 10,000-acre lake with a shoreline of 69 miles when the water is full. The reservoir which is already known for its fluctuating water levels has a variety of fish including a few different kinds of bass, such as white bass, spotted bass, large-mouth bass, and even the hybrid striped bass.

Besides bass, other fish include varieties such as channel catfish, black crappie, white crappie, rainbow trout, yellow perch, and many more. These varieties of fish allow fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to fish for the types or varieties that they like.

Sited at Silver Springs, the lake is in the western part of the state. You also have to bring almost everything you need along with you since the facilities provided won’t really cover it all. There are also camping areas right near the lake, just in case you wish to camp. Yet again, you need to remember to bring your essential things as the facilities provided are extremely limited.

The fishing is actually better during the summer as the water tends to be clearer. While many areas provide access for small boats or canoes and kayaks, there is also a boat launch ramp, which is situated at the Lahontan State Recreation Area.

8. Ruby Lake.

This lake is quite famous for its largemouth bass. While it is situated almost 70 miles to the southeast of Elko in Ruby Valley, it lies at a height of about 6,000 feet in a closed basin.

There are over 9,000 acres of lakes and ponds in the south, all of which are blended together with islands and bulrush. Meanwhile, the man-made dike units are up towards the north.

The usual size of largemouth bass is about 11 inches, so the bass fishing baits and lures here consist of crankbaits, topwater baits, rubber worms, spinner baits, and also bass flies.

The time from spring through fall is usually the best for bass fishing. There are a few facilities in ruby lake such as a Forest Service campground, a lot of other camping sites, and also two boat landing ramps.

9. Washoe Lake.

The Washoe Lake has a maximum depth of 12 feet and is handled as a warm-water fishery. The kind of fish available in this lake include; white crappie, white bass and hybrid bass with stripes, and catfish.

Located in the central west part of the state, it is 5 miles north of Carson City in Nevada and has about 5,800 acres of surface besides 20 miles of shoreline. While the water levels in this lake can fluctuate from time to time, the lake Fishermen and anglers catch different fish of their choice from the bank or from fishing boats as Lake Washoe allows boat services to all anglers. The state park includes a public boat ramp, campsites, and picnic areas.

10. Lake Tahoe.

Located in Washoe, in Douglas and Carson City counties, Lake Tahoe is the biggest Alpine lake in the state. Made about 2 million years ago, it contains a wide variety of fish today.

Lake Tahoe is so big that it can sometimes be quite unsettling for people who aren’t familiar with the size. For his reason, you should hire a local tour guide who will be able to take you to the best fishing spots.

For those of you who like a little adventure besides fishing, there are also a lot of campgrounds that are all over the place. You can stay as long as you feel like fishing and also get a wonderful experience of the entire wild scenario.

Bass Fishing in Nevada

Final Words:

Overall, Nevada is actually one of the finest places to get started with fishing. Yes, there might be some other places with unique benefits but when it comes to combined quality, Nevada is a clear winner.

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