Best Fishing Spots In Arizona

10 Best Fishing Spots In Arizona Where To Go Fishing

Arizona is a place that has an assorted variety of wildlife creatures and numerous wild habitats. Already filled with a copious amount of natural and beautiful landscapes, Arizona’s state park’s reservoirs and lakes are the perfect locations for any fishing enthusiast.

It’s not just the natural wonders that are breathtakingly amazing, but also the numerous varieties of fish that swarm the huge lake. It’s not a surprise to see why Arizona is one of the most favorite spots for anyone who’s super enthusiastic about fishing, where you can fish all throughout the year, and every season. Whether you are a novice at this fishing game or a skilled pro, simply get your fishing gear and head outside to one of the amazing places to fish in Arizona.

If you want to know about the 10 best fishing spots in Arizona, then simply read on to get an idea of where you can plan your next fishing trip.

10 Best Fishing Spots In Arizona: Amazing And Beautiful Fishing Spots For All Anglers


Situated in Tonto National Forest, the 20,000 acres Roosevelt Lake is the first place that comes up to mind when thinking about Bass fishing. Not only would you find warm waters with plenty of brush covers, but also forage full of nutrients that create just the perfect place for fresh and healthy bass to live in.

The bass in this location is very easy to catch and so you choose to do some shoreline fishing and get quite a good catch. As for the varieties of bass available here, you will find many types, ranging from white bass to largemouth and striped bass, and also some catfish and carp sometimes.

You can also go over to Salt arm, Tonto Arm, and Salome Cove which have more rocks and submerged trees as additional covers, so you might find more bass there if you want to look for some. Just remember that you will find largemouth bass near the bass island and the dam when the water is cold. As for the warm waters, these bass are found near the drop-offs as the water is shallower there. Roosevelt Lake also has a visitor center that provides you with all that you need to know, and they even arrange for camping guides and warn about any risks, such as fire hazards.


If you’re someone who enjoys boat rides and fishing from the boat, then the 265-acre man-made Patagonia Lake State Park is the perfect place for you. While you can fish from the boat, you can also fish from the shoreline if you want to. If you want to stay in the park for a few days, it is absolutely possible as The Park offers a camping ground where camping and tent facilities are available. Furthermore, the lake is only one hour’s distance from the city of Tuscon.

If you are wondering what you can do here, there is actually plenty of options to go for. You can enjoy some sunshine on the beaches, hang out on the lake with a boat, go for an adventure on a guided tour where you can watch the wildlife, and you can also cast a line or two for catching some catfish or bass.

There are also several varieties of fish found in the lake. Plenty of covers in the water, such as water vegetation, shoreline brush, and tree stumps provide just the perfect environment for a large amount of bass to live in. you can fish such as Crappies, bass, bluegill, flathead catfish, and channel catfish. Apart from all other seasons, if you are looking to fish during winter, expect yourself to be pleasantly surprised as you might also be able to catch a rainbow trout.


Set right in conjunction with Lake Havasu City, the park is actually thought of as one of the best largemouth impoundments and an exceptional smallmouth lake throughout the entire country. While the area is made up of 450 miles of shoreline, it also comes with a 25-mile-long lake that allows you to fish.

The Lake Havasu State Park is also widely considered an impoundment for amazing largemouths while it boasts the status of being one of the best smallmouth lakes in the entire country.

It’s no surprise that this place is so famous amongst fishermen as the lake is not only big, but also offers a wide variety of fish such as Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, sunfish, and catfish species.

You can head out for an entire day of adventure as the entire place is managed in a harmonious way. There are plenty of brush bundles placed all throughout the lake, providing the perfect thriving condition for the bass.

While you carry on with your shoreline fishing here, you can also land a 4 or 5-pound largemouth bass, and such catches are not uncommon here as the environment is simply perfect for maintaining such healthy bass.

Apart from everything else, if you want to stay close to the lake for a few days then this is the perfect place as the Lake Havasu State Park provides accommodation facilities and also a lot of amenities for those who want the comfort of a hotel in the midst of a wilderness camping zone.


If you’re a huge fan of trout, then you would simply love the Big Lake which is a very well-known fishing lake, situated in the white mountains of the Northeast side of Arizona, and a few miles to the south of Greer.

The springtime is a totally different deal for Big Lake as it is stocked with a lot of trout during this season. For those of you who are wondering what varieties of trout are found here, the lake is filled with brook trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout. Big Lake is considered one of the best trout fishing areas in the world. No wonder Big Lake is also said to be “Arizona’s best-kept secret”.

Before you set foot to reach here though, you need to take some serious decisions since the fishing destination is about 9,200 feet high. If you want to stay overnight, it is also possible since you can actually extend your adventure for a night or even a few days. There are quite a lot of campgrounds at Big Lake just in case you decide to stay for a few days. Be a little wary about the location and bring all necessary items if necessary. Since this is a mountaintop location, it can get a bit too cold during winter and so you might need to bring additional warm clothes and supplies.

Apart from all that, the on-site stores there sell baits, tackles, and also fishing licenses. Furthermore, if you want to rent boats for fishing, you can do it easily as they offer all the necessary items and activities once you reach there.


The Riggs Flat Lake is a reservoir that is located in the beautiful Pinaleno Mountains which is about 40 miles southwest of Safford. At an altitude of about 9,000 feet, rests Mount Graham. A man-made lake that is full of various species of trout combined with a spectacular surrounding view, the Riggs Flat Lake is just a beautiful spot for daytime fishing.

Positioned at the end of the Swift Trail, the 11 acres of Lake is usually very quiet and peaceful. The surrounding area is filled with many things to look at, making it a beautiful and spectacular view that visitors are surely going to enjoy a lot. The land might be slightly small in comparison to the huge lake, but the overall environment which is full of alpine forests and meadows is sure to make up for it.

The type of fish you find here will usually depend. Since the water here is usually cold, the fish that are found during summer, are most likely to be rainbow trouts, brown trouts, and brook trouts. You can either fish from the shoreline or from the boats, but most people prefer fishing from the shoreline.

You might also want to stay here for a day or two, and this is absolutely feasible given that there’s a small campground here. However, RV access is limited to any vehicles that are below 22 feet long. This is because the roads that lead to the main destination are switchback roads. One important thing which you should remember is that you need to carry your own drinking water as there is no clear drinking water available here.


Every enthusiastic fisherman should visit Lees Ferry at least once. Lying next to Marble Canyon which lies just outside Page, the Lees Ferry stretches about 13 miles towards the Colorado River. If you want to catch a whole lot of fish, then the spring season is the best. However, other than spring, you can actually get a variety of fish at during any season. The most popular fish that you will find here is the rainbow trout, and if you are lucky, you might even catch some as big as 22 inches.

With clear water, the fish here are mostly covered with tall cliffs in reds, oranges, and pinks. You can also get a guide who will show you all over the place and also take you to the deep blue waters to see the hidden jewels.

If you want to stay back for the night, feel free to do so as there is a campground that is well equipped with fresh drinking water, toilets, bathroom sinks, and also trash collection services. One disadvantage is that there are shades within the campgrounds but none on the outside, so this can be a huge problem as the days tend to be scorching hot from spring season to all through fall. To avoid the sun’s heat when moving, it would be a good idea to bring your own hats, umbrellas, and shades.


Another well-known fly fishing destination in Arizona is the Oak Creek Canyon.  A 14-mile journey through route 89A between Flagstaff and Sedona is all it takes to reach your destination. Oak Creek isn’t only about the fishing, but the scenery on the way is simply beautiful.  If you take the roads through the hills that are covered by the oak and pine forests, then they take you 4,500 feet to the top of the Mogollon Rim which has stunning cliffs and rocks in red.

While Oak Creek is really well-known for fly fishing during the summers in Arizona, it is yet another place where children can get a first-hand trial of this fishing sport.

The Oak Creek River, which is located on the outskirts of Sedona has a good amount of Rainbow trout, and other than that, it also includes; Brown trout, Walleye, Bluegills, and also Largemouth bass.


Lake Mead National Recreation Area is located in the middle of Arizona and Nevada. Considered to be Home to a 290 square mile body of water, the 700 miles of shoreline that surround the largest reservoir in the U.S is the ultimate location for an entire day’s fishing trip.

The varieties of fish that are available here include largemouth bass, striped bass, Crappie, bluegill, and channel Catfish.

Lake Mead also has a resort of its own which is open all day and night for fishing. You can choose to fish from either the shoreline, from a boat, or from any one of the three piers of that area as per your wish.

If you want to stay back for a few days, you can camp there as there are plenty of campgrounds all around the reservoir. However, one word of caution would be to check the website before you plan to go since sometimes the campgrounds are closed off due to the risk of floods.


Another very popular reservoir that has all-year-round fishing facilities is Lake Powell. Being one of the Northern reservoirs, it is also a very popular place for fishing. This place includes some of the biggest fishes which any fishing enthusiast will go crazy for.

The reservoir has over 90 canyons on the side that can be explored and when it is full, it extends over to 86 miles in length. Surrounded by stunning rock mountains in red, the shoreline extends over 1800 miles in total.

You can fish for long hours by either renting a motorboat or simply fishing from the shoreline. Besides that, you can also hire one of the licensed guides who will help you explore further. The fish that you can expect here include walleye, striped bass, channel catfish, and bluegill.

The best time to fish here would be during spring and summer, however, you can also fish all year round and expect to catch a decent amount of fish.


Located seven miles to the Southeast of the town of Williams, Dogtown Lake is a medium-sized lake that is a great zone for fishing as well as a family vacation trip. During the fall every year, Dogtown Lake is very quiet and since it isn’t usually crowded, you can fish for some trout peacefully.

Besides trout, you will find crappies and channel catfish as well. Other than just fishing, you can also hike, ride mountain bikes, and also kayak through some of the tree-clad hills and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery that you are surrounded with. You can also choose to fish by using a kayak, a canoe or motor boats and enjoy the scenery besides that as well.

There are at least 50 campgrounds in this location and so if you want to stay then it is possible. All the sites provide fresh water, restrooms, and also garbage bins. However, there is no dump station here.

Best Fishing Spots In Arizona

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