Salmon Fishing Near Seattle

Salmon Fishing Near Seattle | Best Fishing Spots & Guidelines

Seattle is one of the country’s most hyped and sought-after outing destinations thanks to its tempting blue ocean, green rainforest, high mountains, and numerous lakes. Bit Seattle is not only about the scenic beauty only. It is also a dream location for anglers, especially those who want to have some colossal salmon in their catch list.

Salmon fishing near Seattle has now become a cult for pro anglers, and even beginners don’t forget to test their skills on the Chinook salmon and other species.

Today, we will present the best salmon fishing spots near Seattle along with a detailed guideline. It includes information on the salmon fishing rules and seasons for your convenience.

Best Spots For Salmon Fishing Near Seattle

Seattle abounds with both saltwater and freshwater fishing spots to the much rejoice of anglers. But not all these fishing hotspots are good for salmon. Here we have picked only those locations where you will get the salmon fishes in abundance and at ease.

1.      Lake Washington

Lake Washington is a 20 miles long lake and is anglers dream with the large salmon, bass, perch, and crappie. You get Chinook salmon, coho, and even the sockeye salmon in the lake.

It is just 4 miles away from downtown Seattle and easily gettable with public transport or private cars. Besides looking for prized salmons, you can enjoy the parks, beaches, and piers around the lake for a memorable day out.

2.      Edmond’s Fishing Pier in The City of Edmond

Edmond’s fishing pier is one of the best and famous Salmon fishing destinations for Americans. It is located only a 20-25 minutes’ drive away from Seattle. While you stand on the long pier to get a Chinook salmon, the passing ferryboats will mesmerize you.

Plus, the experience of crabbing near the pier will add flavor to your salmon fishing. Also, you will really get some big salmons there. You are limited to catch 2 Chinook, and it is often year-round.

3.      Snoqualmie River

Snoqualmie River, with its lush green forests and beautiful riverbanks, is one of the most visited destinations for Seattle residence. But anglers come here to try their luck on salmon and trout. You will get at least three varieties of salmon here.

It will take only 30 minutes to drive from downtown Seattle. At the lower banks of the 45-miles stretched river, you will get the coho and pink salmons. And when you are done with the fishing, don’t forget to visit the Snoqualmie Falls right away there.

4.      Green Lake

No fishing guideline for Seattle is complete without the mention of Green Lake. It is just 6.5 miles away from Seattle and offers a brilliant social angling experience for all. It remains open 24 hours a day and 365 days.

Although the lake is famous for trout fishing, the presence of salmon won’t disappoint you either.  It is a perfect gateway from your urban junks and challenges your fishing skill. Plus, pro anglers will help you learn how to cast the prized catches.

5.      Lake Sammamish

It is another highlighted fishing spot for salmon lovers’ that is situated right near the suburbs of Seattle. The lake stretches over 5000 acres of land and offers plenty of space for salmon fishing.  Besides, you will get sizable smallmouth bass here too.

Moreover, the large space allows you to angle in solitude and enjoy the mesmerizing horizon. When you return home, your bag will be filled with salmon and your heart with memories indeed.

Salmon Fishing Guidelines and Tips

Salmon fishing has always been considered an excellent prize for anglers. And it becomes, even more, awarding near the Seattle town. When you want to catch salmon nearby Seattle, make sure you follow these rules-

  1. Winter Chinook is open for catching from January 1 to March 31. However, if the quota finishes earlier, the season will be closed down.
  2. King or Chinook salmon finish will reopen again on July 16 or 25, and the best time to get them in July to August.
  3. Coho salmon is gettable from July to August season.
  4. Pink salmons will run in odd years, and you can catch them during the July to August season at abundance.
  5. Blackmouth or juvenile Chinook salmon is available for catch throughout the year except for May. But the best ones available from November to March during the wintertime.

No doubt, King Salmons are the best-prized catch for every angler. Although it doesn’t ask you to be an expert angler, you might follow these tips.

  1. You must use a sharp hook to get the salmons.  The thick jaw of the salmon isn’t easy to penetrate with the dull hooks. You will have an increased chance to get them with a razor-sharp hook.
  2. Overcast days will yield more salmon catches than sunny weather.  It is because salmon prefers low-light conditions for hunting. Thus, dawn and dusk time is also ideal for getting these fishes.
  3. You can use different live baits to catch salmon. But in our opinion, salmon eggs (roe) will work the best for them, especially if you plan to get a King Chinook.  Alternatively, you can choose cut baits such as a strip of smelt or herring fish.
  4. You should cast the fishing line upstream and allow it to flow with the current. The method is known as drift fishing and results in better catches. It helps the bait to mimic a real fish, and salmon will drown toward it.
  5. For fishing lines, choose the red color. It will disappear soon in the water, and so, salmons won’t consider it as a potential threat. Also, the bait should be flashy so that it draws attention from the fish quickly.
Salmon Fishing Near Seattle


When you want to relax, have fun, and enjoy nature, go for Salmon fishing near Seattle. The fishing hotspots listed here will not only offer you prized King Salmon to be bagged for show-off but also gives you ample solitude.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to carry your license for a comfortable and hassle-free fishing experience. Also, we recommend you opt for the catch and release method to conserve the threatened fishes and not disturbing the eco-system.

When you know where to go and how to fish, Seattle offers you plenty of fishing spots for salmon, trout, bass, and perch. So, enjoy your angling time.

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