Fishing in Las Vegas

Fishing in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Fishing Guides For Fishing Enthusiast

We all have the pretty same idea that Las Vegas is only for the clubs and casinos. We never go for its natural beauty and resources as well. But do you know there are plenty of amazing sites for enjoying the ultimate serene beauty of Las Vegas? If you are interested in fishing then again, this place might be an excellent option for a weekend trip with friends and family. So, we have taken this initiative to guide you every detail on fishing in Las Vegas. All you need to consider a glance at our following article to acknowledge the Las Vegas fishing guides.

What Will You Need For Fishing In Las Vegas?

For any casual fishing, we always need some necessary equipment to make it easier. Similarly, for fishing in Las Vegas, we have listed some essential and necessary instruments for the better fishing experience.

Fishing License

It would be best if you had the allowance of fishing from Nevada State Fishing for fishing in Las Vegas. It is the essential thing that you need to arrange before fishing there. You can easily purchase the license either from online or from the office of the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW).


If you want an adventurous fishing experience, then you need to go to remote areas. So, it is necessary to have a boat. You can easily arrange a boat from different tour guides. They provide rental boats, depend on how many hours you will need.

Safe Drinking Water

In Las Vegas, you may not find safe drinking water, so it is always a better step to take pure drinking water with you.

Fishing Rod

If you want a precise performance from your fishing rod, then you have to choose it according to the features it provides. With quick action and flexibility, the fishing rods perform very well. Where quick movement is for outstanding performance and moderate movement is for the distance fishing. So, it is necessary to have the right fishing rod.

Fishing Baits or Lures

For making a better trap to fish, you need to use the local bait. If you use any different bait, then the fish will not come closure to those baits. So, it is essential to choose the right bait for fishing. You can collect baits either from the shore area or from any local store. Otherwise, you can use artificial lures. Again, the local tackle store will help you.

Other Equipment

To ensure more safety, you can carry a life jacket, first aid kit, and extra fishing rod and reels along with you.

The Best Spots For Fishing In Las Vegas

1. Boulder City Urban Pond

It is an artificial lake made by locals for providing the right fishing spot. You can only do shore and day fishing here. This pond is not that large with a depth of fifteen feet and three surface acres. They are ready to make available all the day-used facilities, and it allows free entry.

2. Lorenzi Park Pond

It is mainly governed by the authorities of Las Vegas city. Although it is a small fishing area, it provides outstanding facilities to its tourists. It has just only a depth of ten feet and three acres surface. As this park has a picnic area, you can easily arrange a picnic with your family and friends.

3. Sunset Park Pond

It is one of the oldest fishing spots in Las Vegas, located near the Southeast airport. It has a depth of twelve feet and fourteen acres surface. This park also doesn’t allow overnight fishing. It provides restrooms, picnic tables, and BBQ to the guest.

4. Lake Mead

Lake Mead is one of the most significant fishing spots in Las Vegas. The area is 235 square miles along with a variety of fish options. There are two parts- one is for Nevada, and the other one is for Arizona. You have to take the license of fishing for the particular area in which you are going to fish. 

5. Mesquite Urban Pond

This lake is famous for its water quality, which is crystal clear and great for shore fishing. They don’t allow boat fishing, and you will need the Nevada license for fishing here. The park remains open from sunrise to sunset.

6. Lake Mohave

This place is decked up with various fun instruments and can keep engaging the guests with fishing. The lake is available with a variety of fishes, so many anglers love this place and prefer to fish here. This lake is also great for teaching fishing to the beginners.

7. Floyd Lamb Park (Aka Tule Spring Pond)

If you want a real natural feel of spring during fishing, then this place is excellent. This place has fifteen feet deep and five acres of surface. The park has natural vegetation along with a soothing environment.  

8. Pahranagat Lake

You can find lots of fish species which are predominant like Bullhead and Carp. So, this might be an issue in fishing. Except that, this lake provides boat riding allowance and local fishing baits. 

9. Nesbit Lake

This lake has almost two hundred acres of an extended surface, along with the abundance of stocked fishes. If you are only looking for a place to experience the best fishing with the variety of large fishes, then you can blindly trust on this park. They don’t allow any fire camping here.

10. Echo Canyon

This spot is mainly known for its small-sized fishes in its unstable water. So, it would help if you had power bait for better fishing. They provide some space for taking rest and doing a picnic using a boat. The lake has a depth of twenty-seven feet and seventy surface acres. Moreover, they don’t give any new restrictions to the guests and provide an excellent service.

Fishing in Las Vegas


To sum up, depending on the situation of fishing, you can choose any place in Las Vegas from the mentioned list. In this guideline, we have tried to list the best and popular fishing spots in Las Vegas, which can easily make your holiday trip more joyous and memorable. So, fishing in Las Vegas is no more headache, and you can now plan it anytime.

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