Fishing in The Wind

Fishing in The Wind | Pro Tips From Expert Angler

Fishing in the wind can be both good and bad at the same time. With the movement of the find, planktons (natural food for fish) will concentrate around the reefs and hence attract more fish to your bait.

However, the windy climate can also foil your boat’s direction and leave you end route to a lost course. That’s why we say that fishing on a windy day is both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Nonetheless, for expert anglers who have learned to steer in the wind, fishing in the wind is the best thing that ever happened to them. It comes with a good catch and ensures that you enjoy your time at sea.

Here are some of the top expert tips that you should follow when fishing on a windy day. They are simple and easy to mark.

Get Comfortable

The first thing that you should do is to get comfortable. How do you get comfortable? Find the right place for you and your fishing crew. The best place will be an area that the wind makes constantly tidal movements.

These tidal movements are good at creating smooth channels that fish find as great feeding places. You should find a channel that runs parallel to the direction of the wind. This makes the biggest location for feeding fish.

Nonetheless, there are several great ambush locations that the wind will easily create for your fish, such as:

  • Patches of shallows
  • Small coves

NOTE: Depending on how you would love to fish, going with any of these two options will also be ideal. Again, if you can find a great place to locate your boat in the wind and fish, you would have hit the jackpot.

Mark The Fishing Spot

The next thing that you should remember to do is to mark your fishing spot. This will make it easy for you to locate the best ambush spots. Use marking buoys to get your spot under the radar.

Fishing buoys will make an excellent addition since they come with very heavy sinkers and cords that are wrapped around their float. Make sure that you locate the biggest change in depth using the sonar then use a buoy to mark every corner.

NOTE: You will get more fish on the leeward sides in the under water. They also love to stay around the edges. So, take your time to drift to the corners of your underwater habitat. You should then allow your bait to flow to the shallower sections and then down to the main sides.

Keep Docks and Pipers in Mind

Your bait and the food will wash to the way of the current if the wind blows along the shoreline. As such, they were fishing around the man-made shorelines such as round the dock and piers on a windy day will be a cool idea. This is because they make potential hiding places for the fish that are waiting for the blown food.

You should point your bow towards the coming wind so that it drifts within the best casting distance to the main object.

Have The Shallow Levels

The wind will cause so much disruption under the water. These disruptions will force the fish to feed closer to the water surface. For this reason, moving towards the shallow ends will give you better chances of gunning the best catch.

If you are always fishing between 10 and 20 feet on a calm day, you should try about 5 and 10 feet when it is windy within the same points.

You will have a better chance of catching more fish since there is a higher probability that the fish has moved to the shallower depths.

Try to Anchoring Your Boat

Sometimes, you will find it really hard to fish on a windy day. At this time, only the best anchoring strategy will make a difference. If you anchor on a windy day, you will have a great time since you do not have to control your boat and instead just concentrate on your fishing expedition.

NOTE: Once you have identified your right spot, you can then anchor your boat and find the best place to hold up for your catch.

Fishing on a Windy Day: Frequently Asked Questions

So now that you have seen some of the best tips for fishing on a windy day, what other concerns do anglers have? We take a look at some of the common concerns that most anglers have about windy day fishing.

What lures should you use in windy conditions?

A spinnerbait is one of the greatest lures that you can use if you are fishing on a windy day. This is because of the one simple reason that the spinnerbait creates an illusion of a real fish and it also comes in different colors that you will easily use if you wanted something that can easily blend in. Go with natural shade for great camouflage as opposed to the pure white options.

How much wind is really bad for fishing?

Windy conditions of between 10 and 20+ mph can easily scare away many anglers. However, with the right experience, you can easily use the wind to give you an upper hand. Take your time to learn some cool fishing techniques such as using the wind to sneak up on fish.

What’s the best weather for fishing?

Many people recommend fishing under warm and sunny weather since fish love cooler and deeper waters. However, cloudy days are also awesome since they easily diffuse the sunlight. The same applies to the morning sun as it warms the shallow waters and creates some of the most comfortable temperatures for the fish.

Fishing in The Wind


While fishing on a warm sunny day is easy for most anglers, you never know what might happen at sea. That’s why it is important to learn all the fishing tips that you can. Understanding the best fishing in the wind tips is one of the best things that you can do. So don’t hesitate to find a crew and try the wind.

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