How to String a Fishing Pole

How to String a Fishing Pole | Learn From Experts

Whether you are planning to escape the urban surroundings or spent some quality time in the wilderness, nothing can come close to the fun and enjoyment fishing can bring to you. Just imagine, you caught a bass or pike and posing a photo with the trophy catch. That’s an insane level of amusement and socialization if you partner up with your mates.

However, for all those fun, excitement, and big catches, you first need to learn how to string a fishing pole. It is even more necessary if you are a beginner since unawareness will make the job tedious and painful.

Hence, we have it covered for you.

Today we are going to show you how to string pole on spinning, baitcasting, and spincast reel.

So, aren’t you excited?

How to String a Fishing Pole

There is a variety of fishing reel in the market that facilitates different types of angling. And the fishing pole string process on the various reel varies accordingly. Each fishing reel has a different fishing pole string method.

So, you need to understand all these so that you can choose any fishing reel. Thus, we have included all the conventional fishing reels in the following sections.

Stringing Fishing Pole in Spinning Reel

  1. Even before you start the fishing pole string, carefully observe the direction of reel and spool spinning.  Depending on brands, the spool and reel will rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  2. You need to ensure that both the fishing spool and reel rotates in the same direction. It will help to reduce line twisting. The mismatched direction of spool and reel rotation will cause kinks and trouble. So, flip the fishing spool in the same direction of your reel.
  3. Now lift the bail arm. Then, pass the new line through the reel guide and secure it.
  4. Now wrap the fishing line carefully with the reel only one time. Create an overhand knot in the meantime around the main line.
  5. Then, create another similar knot at the other end of the line. It will prevent the undoing of the line.
  6. Now fasten the fishing line around the reel. Make sure it is properly tightened. Once done, cut off the excess fishing line.
  7. Now close the previously lifted bail arm. Then apply adequate tension on the fishing line so that the fishing pole is strung tightly.

Before you close the procedure, once again, test the spool and strung fishing pole with reel if they are moving in the same direction or not. In the majority of cases, it should be okay. Also, we recommend you to use soft cotton to hold the line so that you don’t injure the fingers.

Stringing Fishing Pole with Baitcasting Reel

  1. To string the fishing pole in the baitcasting angling reel, you will require a reel filling station. Otherwise, take help from your fishing mate or family members since it is a two men job.
  2. Inside the new spool, you will need to enter a pencil. Then ask the other person to hold the pencil. Or you can use a reel filling station too. You will get it in the nearby tackle shop.
  3. Now, likewise, the spinning reel, you will have to check the rotatory direction of the fishing spool and reel. If they aren’t aligned, flip the spool to bring them in a similar path. Otherwise, your reel and spool will be at the risk of twisting.
  4. Use a line receiver to pass the fishing line all through the reel.
  5. Now tie the spinning pole in the desired position with the proper knots. Then trim off the additional line.
  6. Now hold the fishing line in between your two fingers securely.
  7. Then cast the pole line between baitcasting reel and spool. Also, ensure you have applied adequate tension to ensure the pole is strung with perfection.

Stringing Fishing Pole in The Spincast Reel

  1. You need to check the spincast reel capacity of holding the amount of pole weight. It should be on the reel.
  2. Then, you need to remove the face (closed face) from the spincast fishing reel.
  3. Before you proceed to the re-spooling, you will have to remove any former lines from the device.
  4. Now you need to ensure that the spool and reel direction is aligned in the same way. You can do it with the spool flipping.
  5. Carefully check the spincast reel face. You will find a tiny hole on the front.
  6. Now, slowly slide in the fishing line through the hole.
  7. Open the bail arm and pass the line through the reel guide so that it remains secured there.
  8. Now create a tie with the straightforward overhand knot. It will securely hold the line in the position.
  9. On the other half of the line, create another knot so that it doesn’t slip off from the position.
  10. Trim the excess line and apply tension to hold the installed fishing pole securely.

That’s it. You won’t have to do anything. However, don’t forget to screw and tighten the face back.

Quick and Simple Tips on Fishing Pole Care

Stringing the fishing pole into the fishing reel isn’t enough for a perfect angling experience. You will have to take care of the fishing line and pole so that these remain in a tiptop state.

  • The line of the fishing pole should pass straight through the reel eye.
  • When you store the fishing pole, always remove heavy tackles from it. It will prevent kinks on the pole.
  • You should dampen the fishing line slightly before knotting it. The dampening will reduce stress on the line.
How to String a Fishing Pole


I sincerely hope that this guideline on how to string a fishing pole will enrich your arsenal for angling. So, don’t waste much time to get to your favorite fishing spot and get some prized catch. After all, my efforts in helping you to learn the fishing pole stringing method will only be successful when you get your dream catch.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to keep you protected during these quarantine days and go to the place where there are fewer people fishing. Stay safe.

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