How to Tie Line on a Baitcaster

How to Tie Line on a Baitcaster | Tips For Beginners

Today we will discuss How to Tie Line on a Baitcaster. Baitcasting reels are a perfect companion for anglers who prefer to have fun and adventurous fishing trips. Baitcasting is quite harder to master compared to other fishing techniques. However, once you get a grasp of it, you’ll be able to have the best fishing experience.

Having the proper gears for the expedition will double up the fun but it’s also important to know to utilize those gears to get the best out of them. Imagine that you have all the right equipment but you make sloppy lines that eventually result in lousy casting.

Tying a line on the bait caster is a simple procedure that’s not hard to master. It can seem quite intimidating for a beginner but once you try a few times you’ll surely get a grasp of it. In this article, we’ll discuss the step-by-step procedure on how to tie a line on a bait caster so that you can ace your next fishing expedition.

Before anything, make sure you have all the tools and gear handy. You’ll need a rod, reel, line, screwdriver, and pliers. Let’s begin.

How to Tie Line on a Baitcaster?

First Step:

If you look at the fishing rod, you’ll find a small ring which is known as the guide. Start with threading the end of the line through the fishing guide and pull the line to the end of the rod where the smallest rings are located.

Second Step:

Now that you’ve drawn the line, it’s time to put the end of the line through the guide clip in front of the spool and then pull it up from the other side of the spool.

Third Step:

Now grab both of the lines and tie them in an arbor knot. This will help the line stay in place when there’s a massive strain from large fish.

Final Step:

Once you’re done with the above processes, it’s time to wrap the fishing line around the spool. Make sure you turn the handle slowly in a clockwise motion and don’t rush while doing this process as otherwise, the line will spread unevenly on the spool. 

How to Tie on Arbor Knot?

In the third step, we suggested you make an arbor knot. However, for beginners can be a new concept and you’re probably not aware of its process. Let’s take a quick look at how to tie an arbor knot.

  • Wrap one end of the line around the spool and pull in a way so that both ends of the strings are pointed in a parallel position.
  • Grab the free end of the line and cross it over the line to create a loop at the end of it.
  • Pull out the free end of the fishing line through the loop and keep pulling it until it forms a tight knot. This simple knot is also known as an overhand knot which will help to keep the line secured in its place.
  • Now, loop the free end of the fish line over the mainline. The mainline is known as the part of the fish line that is on the other side of the spool. Make a cross with the free end of the fish line over the mainline and pass it under the fish line to create a loop. Ensure that the loop is no bigger than 2 inches and that the mainline is able to move through the loop.
  • Take the free end of the fish line and put it through the loop. Pull the free end of the line to tighten the knot. This will eventually create a slipknot that you can slide down through the fish line.
  • Once the knot is tightened, cut off the excess line with a scissor.


is baitcasting similar to spin casting?

Baitcasting is a different form of fishing compared to spin casting. Baitcasting is more suitable for advanced anglers as it required more techniques and tactics. However, spin casting is more suitable for amateurs as it requires less complicated techniques.

is the rod different for baitcasting and other fishing techniques?

Yes, the rods and other gears are different for baitcasting. You’ll find equipment suitable for different kinds of fishing methods.

can i use a baitcasting reel on a spinning rod?

You can use a baitcasting reel on a spinning rod. However, bear in mind that the result will not be as effective as it would have been with gears suitable for the particular fishing method.

how do i avoid the backlash of reels in baitcasting?

The backlash of reels is also known as a bird’s nest. It can be avoided by using heavy lures that will help you take the line out fast so that you can keep up with the reel. You can use a shorter fishing rod as that will give you greater control. Also, avoid casting in the direction of the wind as that will cause the bait to slow down while the reel is going.

How to Tie Line on a Baitcaster

Wrapping Up:

Baitcasting is a bit harder compared to other methods of fishing. Tying the bait caster line can be quite challenging for beginners. However, with proper practice, you can ace the process and learn it quickly. In this article, we have given you an in-depth step-by-step procedure on how to tie a line on a bait caster. We have also incorporated the detailed process of tying the arbor knot so that you can tie a line with utmost precision.

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