Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod

Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod | Which One is Yours?

Today we will discuss Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod. Imagine you’re far away from home, ready to start fishing and you find out the rod and reel you got are not a match for each other. Absolute nightmare, right?

It’s no news for the anglers that the type of rod they use has an immense impact on their performance and style. Spinning and casting rods are entirely different from each other and knowing the difference between them will help you choose the right one for your preferred fishing style.

Also, having sound knowledge of these two rods will help the angler equip the right kind of reel for the rod. Spinning rods and casting rods differ in construction, size, and in most aspects. Let’s take an in-depth look at the differences between these two rods.

What is a Spinning Rod?

Spinning rods are a perfect fit for beginners and children as they offer a lot more flexibility and variety compared to other kinds of fishing rods. Spinning rods come in several sizes, from light action, medium to heavy, and heavy spinning rods, you’ll find something to match your expertise level.

In a spinning rod, the line pulls down while the eyelets point downward. This will enable you to reel faster with more efficiency. These rods are quite reliable and provide good value for money.

Advantages of a Spinning Rod

  • Spinning rods are excellent for amateurs. They are a lot easier to handle compared to other types of fishing rods.
  • They follow a simple straightforward mechanism and you can reel faster while avoiding line tangles as well.
  • They are easier to manage and maintain.

Disadvantages of Spinning Rods

The line guides are located at the bottom side of a spinning rod and they possess more risk for line twists. Also, spinning rods are not suitable for large baits and heavy lines.

What is a Casting Rod?

Casting rods a harder to master and they’re more suitable for professional anglers. If you’re a novice who’s struggling with the casting skills then this might not be a suitable option for you. Its features and operation process are quite different than the spinning rods.

In a casting rod, when a fish pulls the rod it bends over and its eyelets face in an upward direction. Novice angler isn’t familiar with this motion of the rod and they will have a hard time controlling it.

Advantages of Casting Rod

Casting rods might take you longer to master but once you get a grasp of it, your entire fishing expedition will be taken to the next level. In casting rods, the eyelets have a lower chance of breaking down as the rod supports them. Also, the casting reel lets the line smoothly roll off the spool. With proper practice, you’ll be able to cast the rod at a great distance which is not possible with spinning rods.

Disadvantages of Casting Rods

Casting rods are not a good fit for beginners as they are harder to handle. They are more suitable for experienced anglers.

The Major Differences Between Spinning and Casting Rods


On a spinning rod, the guides are quite large compared to a casting rod. Also, the guide and the rods are located on the bottom side of the rod. They have a larger line guide with a straight handle.

In a bait casting rod, the guides are very small. The guides and the reel, both are on top of the casting rods.

Ease of Use:

The spinning rod is more beginner-friendly and they’re easier to handle. Spinning does require some techniques and tactics but those can be easily learned and implemented. People of any age or expertise can handle spinning rods with ease. They feature an easy-to-use bail that you can simply open up when you’re about to cast.

On the other hand, casting rods requires more skills and expertise to handle them. They are more suitable for expert anglers who have prior experience in fishing.

Type of Fishing:

Spinning rods are suitable for trolling and still fishing whereas casting rods are a better fit for heavy cover fishing styles.


what are the materials used for fishing rods?

Fishing rods are usually made with carbon fiber, graphite, and fiberglass. All these materials make a top-notch fishing rod with excellent durability.

which fishing rod will be a better match for beginners?

Spinning rods are more beginner-friendly compared to casting rods. They’re also very easy to handle and control.

can i use spinning reels on a casting rod?

You can do that but the performance level will degrade. We recommend using the reels suitable for the rod kind as that will generate a better result and it’ll be easier for you to manage the fishing rod.

what kind of fishes can I catch with these rods?

You catch a variety of fish such as bass, salmon, trout, catfish, northern pike, and many more.

which type of rod will help me cast at a better distance?

Casting rods are more suitable for longer and smoother casts.

Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod

Wrapping Up:

In this article on spinning rod vs casting rod, we have described the major features with their merits and demerits so that you can make your decision. These two rods are quite opposite of each other and anglers tend to settle down for either one of them.

Your fishing experience depends quite on the type of rod you choose. Choosing the wrong kind will jeopardize the entire experience. Spinning rods are easier to handle, hence it’s more suitable for amateurs. On the other hand, casting rods require more tactics and they’re more suitable for advanced anglers. So, be smart about it and choose the one that suits you best.

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