Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod Reviews (2023) For Fishing Enthusiasts

Today we will discuss Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod. If you have been fishing for even a short while you know of the name Ugly Stik. You may have seen it in a store or a friend using it to fish. The brand is quite popular and experienced in the fishing world and there are good reasons for you to consider fishing rods made by them.

Do not be taken aback by the brand name with Ugly in it, however. One glimpse at their rods and you will see that the rods have nothing to do with Ugly. Apparently, the look was something the brand had worked on from initiation and got better because they used to create ugly-looking yet functional rods at the beginning.

You will find quite a number of rods from this brand to choose from. All of them are quite budget-friendly and one is greater than the other. Some are particularly suitable for specific purposes too.

Let us check out the Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod Reviews and see if they can do anything for you.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod Reviews: The Features

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What are the features of the Elite rods that set it apart from the others? Also, what do you get from it in general as a fishing rod? Let’s find out.

1. The Material Of The Rod

If you know fishing rods then you know how the material building the fishing rods matters. You need the material building the fishing rod to be such that it helps you in fulfilling your purpose. Now, the purpose may be more strength for hard-to-fight fishes or more sensitivity for quick ones.

In this case, the rod is better at the latter. Apparently, the elite rod has Graphite building the rod. What graphite is incredible at doing is being quite sensitive to nibbles and bites from the fish. Just a nibble and you will know from your touch on the rod that something’s down there.

Apart from that, graphite is quite lightweight. Therefore, you can spend hours holding this rod in your hand but you won’t feel fatigued. You can rely on the material for some strength as well but it’s not as strong as fiberglass.

2. The Stainless Steel Guides

With the rod being exposed to humidity so often, you want to keep the materials well-protected from it. Luckily, the metal building guides are stainless steel. Therefore, it will not rust.

On the other hand, the guide will be able to give you a smooth performance. While the metal does perform well, the guide sometimes does not. Apparently, this rod is not the best at handling braided lines. The guide sometimes cuts the line off. However, it sure does make the rod more durable.

3. The Cork Handles

One very important thing when fishing is the comfort you get from the rod. You have to hold it for a long time and the only form of comfort it can provide you with is a comfortable handle. The cork handle on this rod makes it go easy on your hands.

Your hands won’t ache even when you hold the rod for a long time. Other than that, light weight also makes it easier for you.

4. The Reel Seat

The reel seat is another important part of the spinning rod. You will find that the reel seat on this rod is made with great quality and will last. However, the problem you may face with it is different.

Apparently, the reel seat may be a bit small for the bigger reels. For example, the highest this reel seat can handle is size 4000. It is not mentioned but the greater sizes do not fit in well. The line capacity is 8-17 pounds. So, if you are alright with using a smaller reel then this can be alright for you.

Other than that, this rod really lets you cast quite far, and deep as a spinning rod. The eyelets on it are also of great quality.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod: Pros And Cons


  • ​​​The construction of graphite makes it very lightweight and sensitive to nibbles by fast fish.
  • ​​​Quite comfortable to keep in your hands for a long time because of the handle and the light weight.
  • ​​​It handles lines quite well and offers you a smooth, long cast.
  • ​​​​The guides, made of stainless steel, can make the rod last for a while.
  • ​​​​The rod is quite budget-friendly.
  • ​​​​​​Despite being lightweight, it has a solid backbone and provides a lot of strength.


  • ​​​It does not handle braided lines very well.
  • ​​​​The reel seat cannot handle reels of size greater than 4000 well so you will have to choose smaller reels.

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faqs for Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod:

1. can you use this rod in saltwater?

Yes, this Ugly Stik fishing rod with its build can handle the saltwater environment quite well. But, you should still wash it with fresh water and dry it up before strong after every use.

2. is it a two-piece rod?

Yes, it is, and that creates no problems in its functionality or durability.

3. can you use it for jigging?

While the rod does have a backbone but it is not enough for jigging. The clear tip is good enough but the rod may not be able to handle jigging.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod
Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Final Words:Final Notes

Ugly Stik fishing rods have rarely disappointed its customers. If you think that this rod is the right one for your purpose, for the reel and line you plan to use, and for the type of species you are after, then you can give it a try without fear. However, if it does not have the capacity, it just does not.

However, the Elite rods do well in what they are supposed to do. There are a few cons and if you do not think that they will matter much, they really won’t. The build and price of the rods are solid and you will really love fishing with them.

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