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Fly Fishing Florida | Top 10 Fly Fishing Spots In Florida

Today’s topic is Fly Fishing Florida.

Do you enjoy strategic games and at times imagine yourself in such situations? Even if you are an actual soldier who can apply strategies and skills in real life, it comes with its cons like you actually may be harmed.

However, with fly fishing, you get to experience all these intense gaming moments without much danger. You will find fly fishing to be different. While with other types you do not have to use much of your brain but just cast well and wait for the fish to bite, with fly fishing you need your brain.

You have to consider everything like the place, time, species, and method of fishing to land more fish.

The thing is, with fly fishing, you cannot expect success much. Success will arrive late with difficulty. However, the feeling it will leave will be amazing! Furthermore, the experience will be worth it as well.

Therefore, fly fishing does not promise you success but it promises you a good time. Apart from that, as you have to be aware of the place you fly fish in for various reasons (especially availability of the species which gives in to fly fishing), you need to know which places are the best for it. And, Florida, in particular, is like a fishing haven for anglers. Therefore, it is important to know which specific spots to target for fly fishing in Florida. Now, the question is


The reason is definitely that it has a lot of water bodies and very active ones. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are near and dear neighbors of the state of Florida. You can expect nothing but the best fishing spots from a place with such a close relationship with such masters of water bodies.

Furthermore, warm tropical highway-like streams are flowing amid Florida which transport a variety of fishes. There are many bays and swamps as well which have abundant fly fishing species available in them. Therefore, the summary is that there are not just abundant water bodies carrying different species of fish in Florida but these bodies are of different natures as well. As a result, you will barely ever run out of species to fish for with whatever type of fishing method you are going after.


So, why in the world will you give up the traditional, easier, and the more usual method of fishing with lures and baits and use a fly to fish? The main two reasons are the challenge and the experience.

So, what takes the line forward and makes it drop is the bait itself. You will find it harder to handle and will need to develop your skills to get the best result. Apart from that, you have to use your brain to a number of times.

Finding the right spot, the right bait, the right species and also moving fast enough are key brain decisions. Therefore, you have to invest much more than what you will be expecting in return. But, this only keeps you more engaged with the time flying just like the fly bait.

The 10 Best Fly Fishing Florida Spots:

There are so many great spots for fly fishing in Florida that the first problem you will face is choosing one. Although most spots are great, not all of them are the best. So, here is a list of the best ten spots that you should definitely go for fly fishing in when you are in Florida:

1. Naples:


When you are fishing you need to have the option to be able to shift your locations often. Because as moving creatures, the fishes will be on the move too. Apart from that, smaller areas with many anglers will run out of fishes to offer to you.

Therefore, it is best to go to a place where you will have lots of areas to explore and look in. Naples is such a place near the US highway 41 on the Southern Gulf Coast in Collier County. It does not just offer you a large number of places to look for fishes in but offers you a variety of water bodies as well. If you are interested in saltwater fly fishing then this is the best and first place you should check out.

Firstly, it is home to ten of the best beaches of North America, Big Cypress National Preserve and many more of the same nature. In fact, it is called the Crown jewel of Southeast Florida.

In this place, you will never run out of place to look for fishes to fly fish. If you do not find fish in one place you can quickly go to another. Snook, Redfish, Pompano, Tarpon, and many other species of fishes are available here that are suitable for fly fishing. Apart from that, you can have a more relaxing time at the beach while you fish. So, you can enjoy with or without catching fishes.

2. The Florida Keys:

the florida keys

Most fishing spots change as the seasons change. They have either less or more fish to offer. The Florida Keys are such a place which will offer you a large number of fishes to fish for at any time of the year.

However, if you want to fly fish, late winter and early spring might be the best option for you to visit this place. So, if you are on winter vacation, you should definitely keep this spot on your list.

This place has an abundant supply of fly fish suitable species like Tarpon and bonefish. So, you just have to cast it right and wait for the fish to bite.

However, the con of this place is that you need to know the time of the year at which you should go fly fishing here. Because although this place is good for fishing all year round, the fly fishing species stay here just for a while but when it does, it does it right.

3. Lake Okeechobee:

lake okeechobee

Do you want to catch Bass with your fly fishing skills? Even you do not get to catch bass through fly fishing at any other place in the world, you will get plenty here. This is a famous location for bass fishing with any kind of fishing technique. Apart from bass, you will also get bites from bluegills.

However, people usually do not fly fish here. Which is why you should be more determined to do it. Because the fishes too require a different way to die, don’t they?

So, get your traditional gears, digest those looks people give you thinking you are weird and cast your fly bait. Then, the only stares you will be getting will be stares of envy from the other anglers around you for the higher number of catches.

Apart from the availability of basses, this place is also very beautiful. Your body and mind will both be more refreshed and focused after you fly fish here.

4. Boca Grande:

boca grande

This will probably impress you as much as Ariana Grande does. Apparently, she also has a song called ‘Fly Away’ so you see what she refers to. In fishing terms, she asks you to fly away to fly fish in Grande! (Just kidding, she never referred to this). So, Tarpon, as you may already know is a great species for fly fishing. It is located on a beautiful barrier island called Gasparilla Island.

If you wanted to catch the largest number of tarpon at any places in the world, your first choice should be Boca Grande. No one knows why but tarpons really seem to favor this place.

There is the Peace and Myakka River feeding this place so it never really runs out of saltwater fish to provide you with. Furthermore, there are nice beaches to explore and fly fish in here as well. After all, it is an island. So, it also serves the purpose of a great fly fishing spot with its fishes and beauty.

5. Little Econ River:

little econ river

If you are just a tourist in Florida and do not want to go far then this is probably a spot near your location. Apparently, the Little Econ River is located very near to the tourist spots so you can go there anytime you want when you are near Highway 50. What it offers you best is bass.

You already know that bass is a great species for fly fishing. Therefore, you can cast your fly lures and wait for the basses to attack you while you enjoy the scenic beauty of this place and never want to leave.

6. Destin:


Destin can definitely be one of your greatest fly fishing ‘Destin’ations. Apparently, what is different about it is the neon green water. Remember when we said fly fishing brings you closer to nature? Well, green is nature! And, where there is green, there are insects. When there are insects, there are fishes who feed on it.

Therefore, this place with sandy beaches offers you a variety of species that will be tricked by the fly fishing methods. However, it is also a great diving spot. So, be careful about confusing humans with fishes.

7. Lake Tarpon:

lake tarpon

How many times did we mention tarpon in this fly fishing article? Yes, many times. And, every time you hear about fly fishing, you will definitely hear of the species of Tarpon.

So, you see, Tarpon is a very suitable and popular species when you are fly fishing. And, there is this whole lake in Florida named after it. What can you expect from a lake named Tarpon? Lots of Tarpons! Apart from that, you will also get a good number of basses to fish for with your fly fishing tricks.

This lake is quite small and quiet. As a result, it gives you the perfect escape and environment to focus on fly fishing.

8. Lake Kissimmee:

lake kissimmee

If you are short on time and want to feel satisfied fast by catching many fishes then Lake Kissimmee is the place for you to visit. Apparently, this lake is famous for producing fly fishing species of fishes like bass, bluegill and black crappie.

When you are visiting the birthplace or home of the fishes, you can expect to land more fishes in a short time. This may not be the most natural or a beautiful place to fish in but it sure is a convenient one. You can easily access any part of this lake to fly fish.

9. Palm Beach:

palm beach

Now, finally, Palm Beach is a barrier beach that is on the Atlantic side of Palm Beach County. Yes, the Atlantic Ocean is finally here to show its magic. Apparently, this spot has all the types of fly fishing spots that anglers prefer to fly fish in. It has beaches, reefs, estuary, etc. Therefore, you have the perfect place to fly fish in and these places will surely contain the different species that make fly fishing so popular.

So, what Palm Beach provides you with is a great variety of fly fishing species and spots and a fun place to fish in.

10. Lizard Flats:

lizard flats

 You do not want to move too deep into nature or too close to big cities when you are on vacation. Especially, if your family is with you. Lizard Flats is such a conveniently located spot for fly fishing with plenty of fishes in it.

Although the water might not be as clear or clean as you would prefer, once you start you work in it, you will be amazed at what you get. In fact, Redfish, sea trout, etc are the species that you will be able to feast on later.

Fly Fishing Florida

In Conclusion:

Among the myriads of fly fishing locations available in Florida, these ten were the best for your fly fishing Florida list. Visit this place and you will not only have a convenient and proper fly fishing time but you will be able to enjoy nature at its best and at its core. It is, after all, water that makes most of us and most of this earth.

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