secret fishing spots in arizona

5 secret fishing spots in arizona

Today we discuss secret fishing spots in Arizona. There are five fishing spots in Arizona are just a few of the many options available to anglers looking for great fishing locations. Whether you are an expert or novice fisherman, these five secret spots in Arizona will provide plenty of opportunities to land a big catch and create memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. Saguaro Lake –Fishermen in search of bass, bluegill, and catfish flock to this crystal-clear lake near Mesa. It offers endless opportunities with plenty of secret coves full of natural cover – the perfect place for reeling in a big catch!
  2. Upper Lake Mary – This small lake near Flagstaff is great for fly fishing enthusiasts. With calm waters, plenty of coves and inlets, as well as being surrounded by tall pines, Upper Lake Mary provides anglers with an excellent opportunity to catch trout such as Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, or Cutthroat Trout.
  3. Roosevelt Lake – One of the larger lakes in Arizona, Roosevelt Lake is still a well-kept secret. Located near Tonto National Forest, this lake has plenty of fish such as bass, walleye, crappie, and catfish. It’s also great for shore fishing because it has ample access points around its shoreline.
  4. Fish Creek – This secluded spot in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is a popular spot for fly fishermen who are looking to catch rainbow trout or brown trout. With plenty of brushy cover along the creek’s banks, many anglers have found success catching their limits here.
  5. Kaibab Lake – Just outside of Flagstaff lies Kaibab Lake, which is known for its population of large walleye. This lake is also great for anglers who want to try their hand at catching catfish and bass. With plenty of cover and structure around the lake, there are lots of opportunities to land a big catch.

the best fishing in Arizona right now

best fishing lakes in az:

Lake Havasu is widely recognized as one of the premier fishing locations in Arizona. It’s a sprawling lake, with lots of coves and bays that provide ample space for anglers to cast their lines. Plus, Lake Havasu boasts an abundance of fish species such as largemouth bass, crappie, blue gill, catfish, and trout – an impressive variety that can make any fisherman’s heart pound!

In addition to being immensely popular among local fishers, there’s also plenty here for tourists to do; enjoy a relaxing day on the lake while taking in beautiful views of nearby mountains.

Finally, its location on the Colorado River near California/Arizona border makes it easily accessible from both sides. All factors considered – easy access combined with great fish diversity and scenery – there’s no better place than Lake Havasu for fishermen looking to have an unforgettable time while reeling in some fish!

how to find secret fishing spots:

  • Finding secret fishing spots requires dedication and research. Look for rivers, streams, lakes, or oceans that are secluded from public access; these are often the best places to find good catches. Speak to local anglers who may be able to provide tips.
  • Search which areas offer plentiful fish and recommend spots they don’t usually talk about with others in order to keep their spot “secret”.
  • look around for signs of past activity such as old lures or broken lines – this could mean that someone else has already fished there recently and the spot is worth checking out.
  • You can also search online forums related to your region’s fishing opportunities, as people often post information about great local places they have discovered over time but want to remain secret.
  • caution must be taken when trusting advice found online as it is not always reliable nor verified by experienced locals who would know better!
  • you can use satellite imagery available through Google Earth/Maps as well as aerial photography of large bodies of water (like oceans) in order to scout potential locations from a bird’s eye view before making the trek out there yourself.

By using a combination of all these methods you should have no problem finding secret fishing spots near where you live!

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secret reservoir fishing spots in Arizona:

Arizona is home to some of the best secret reservoir fishing spots in all of the United States. One prime spot is Saguaro Lake, located in the Tonto National Forest just outside Phoenix.

This lake offers anglers an abundance of largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and walleye – all ready for you to try your luck with a rod and reel. With its crystal-clear waters and towering cliffs, this secluded lake also offers stunning scenery that will make your time here truly memorable.

You can access Saguaro from several boat launches as well as rent kayaks or stand-up paddle boards if you don’t have your own vessel with you. Make sure to apply for a fishing license before hitting the water too!

Arizona trout fishing map:

Arizona trout fishing maps can be incredibly helpful for anglers who want to explore some of the state’s best-kept secret fishing spots. The map highlights many of the streams, lakes, and reservoirs across the state that contain trout, as well as other species like bass or catfish.

It also offers information about access points and boat ramps, so you know where to park your car or launch a boat if needed.

Furthermore, these maps are usually detailed enough to let you see features such as an underwater structure that may hold fish in certain areas. With an Arizona trout fishing map in hand, you’ll have access to a world of hidden hotspots waiting to be explored!

fishing in January at AZ:

Fishing in January in AZ, USA can be both pleasant and productive. The key to successful fishing is to choose a location that provides some shelter from the cold winter temperatures. Before heading out, make sure you have plenty of warm clothing including gloves and a hat!

In general, winter in Arizona offers more opportunities for river fishing since the water temperature is typically warmer. During this time of year, anglers target rainbow trout near tributaries leading into the Verde River or by floating and casting along the main stem of the Colorado River.

Using smaller live bait such as nightcrawlers or scented Powerbait works best for catching these fish. You’ll want to focus your efforts on deeper pools with slow currents where trout tend to congregate during colder months for safety.

When it comes to lake fishing, December and January are prime times for catching bass in Lake Pleasant due to its abundance of largemouth bass populations – this lake also holds a decent population of catfish species like flatheads and channel cats as well as crappie which can be found suspended around brush piles located near deep points throughout the lake.

camping and fishing in Arizona:

Arizona is an ideal destination for camping and fishing. Its wide variety of climates, landscapes, and activities make it the perfect spot to get outdoors. From the high desert of Flagstaff to the banks of Lake Powell, Arizona has something for everyone when it comes to camping and fishing.

Arizona boasts some of the most pristine rivers and lakes in the United States – including its famed Lake Powell – making it a great location for those who love to fish. In addition, Arizona’s diverse climate makes for enjoyable camping trips all year round; visitors can find cooler temperatures during summer months in higher-elevation areas like Flagstaff or temperate weather at lower elevations.

az Comparison with other States:

When compared with other states, Arizona stands out as a great choice for outdoor recreation enthusiasts looking for both varied terrain and climates that suit their desired activity. While some states may be more well-known than others (such as Florida), there are many destinations in Arizona that can provide travelers with beautiful views without sacrificing convenience or affordability.

For instance, Colorado may have bigger mountains but Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park offers unparalleled vistas right alongside plenty of camping opportunities throughout its expanse – not to mention excellent spots on hundreds of bodies of water around the state that make fishing a truly unique experience.

ice fishing in Arizona:

Ice fishing in Arizona is becoming increasingly popular, as the cold temperatures during winter make it possible to ice fish in many of the state’s lakes, ponds, and creeks. While you may not find massive schools of walleye as you would on some of the northern states’ frozen lakes, there are plenty of species that call Arizona home and can be caught by anglers willing to brave the frigid winter weather.

Species such as bass, bluegill, catfish, and trout can be found beneath Arizona’s icy waters. Safety should always be a primary concern for any angler who wishes to venture out on an ice-covered body of water; proper gear (such as insulated waders) and equipment (like an auger or chisel) should always be used whenever fishing from ice surfaces.

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faqs for secret fishing spots in Arizona:

1. what is the biggest fish caught in Arizona?

The biggest fish ever caught in Arizona is the Flathead Catfish, which was caught in 2016 at Lake Havasu. The fish weighed 79 pounds and measured 45 inches long! This record-breaking catch was made by fisherman JT Stepnowski, who spent a total of 4 hours fishing before snagging this monster flathead catfish.

Though it’s a record-breaker for Arizona, it still doesn’t hold up to some of the other big catches around the world—in 2014 an angler from Thailand hooked an incredible Mekong Giant Catfish that weighed over 646 pounds!

secret fishing spots in arizona
secret fishing spots in arizona

final words:

Finally, local regulations should always be consulted before heading out in order to ensure activities abide by all laws applicable to that particular lake or river. Though no one can guarantee to catch your limit each time out on a boat or at a shoreline spot, with careful preparation and knowledge of technique, anyone braving the elements is sure to have an enjoyable time ice fishing in beautiful Arizona!

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