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Pike Fishing in Ohio | Fishing Spots & Tricks For Beginners

Have you ever watched your grandfather bragging about, “I caught a fish, this big”? It’s undoubtedly the pike he is mentioning. Yes, the northern pikes with a streamlined body, needle teeth, and thick slime grow up to 50 pounds and are highly prized as trophy catch.

Thus, in Ohio, the place brimming with lakes full of fishes, the northern pike fishing is a lucrative recreational activity.

So, if you love angling and want to pose with a giant pike for a lovely photograph, you must know the perfect spots and tricks for pike fishing in Ohio.

And today, we will be enthusiastically describing the pike fishing tricks for the beginners.

Pike Fishing in Ohio: The Best Fishing Locations

The state of Ohio has an abundance of lakes and rivers, where anglers may have a lifetime fishing experience. The most famous northern pike fishing sports in Ohio are:

Lake Erie

Although Lake Erie is famous for perch and walleye fishing, the lake also brims with the widespread northern pike fish. Since the lake is a small part of the Great Lake System, its weather can change quickly. Thus, beginners may find themselves off guard.

Nonetheless, with an adequate technique, you can catch some large pikes and take them home as well. Also, if you, as an angler, like to test your skills, the challenging condition of Lake Erie is a perfect spot to go.

And another reason to pick the Erie in our top list is the local restaurants that will cook the freshly caught pike for you- mouthwatering!

The Ohio River

If you want to catch a giant pike along with the famous bass and walleye, nothing comes closer to the Ohio River.

With a 901 miles length, Ohio river has multiple fishing spots that will allure you to go there and test your angling skills hands-on. One of the advantages of fishing in the river that you can easily take a boat to go downstream and get some exciting prized catch.

The fresh air and sunny weather around the riverside come as a bonus.

Alum Creek

If you are one of those people who like greenery and want a peaceful place where you can sit for long and catch your favorite pike, Alum Creek is the place to go for.

Besides, you can hook up the crappie and musky in Alum creek too. The stream has a massive 3,269 acres of easily accessible fishing spots, and the chirping of birds around the quiet area will surely uplift your fishing spirit.

Honorable Mentions:

We have mentioned the top three fishing spots in Ohio that you can instantly go to get your favorite northern pike. But there are other spots too that can access the angling. These are:

  1. Senecaville Lake
  2. Clear Fork Reservoir
  3. Piedmont Lake
  4. Hoover Reservoir
  5. Grand Lake St. Marys

All these spots are famous and have incredible communications. So, you will love fishing in these locations.

The Pike Fishing Tricks For Beginners

Pike fishes are infamously known for their fighting spirit in the water. Also, the considerable weight and streamlined body shape make the fishing more challenging than a beginner can anticipate in reality. So, you must realize the following tricks for a convenient catch.

Understand The Water:

Although it might seem cliché, understanding the water you will fish makes a big difference. It makes a distinction between a good catch and a futile day of baitcasting without any score.

As a beginner, you urgently need to understand the spot to target the northern pike. Understanding the water includes finding the depth of the place you will fish, live baits available in the spot, and how the topography behaves.

Also, you should see the direction of the current flow.

Knowing The Pikes’ location:

For convenient access to the pikes, you need to know where they hide during both summer and winter season.  One way is to identify the live baits trail since pikes will follow the baits for a catch- after all, pikes are known for its hunting instinct.

You will find the pike near sunken trunks of the tree, weedlines, pockets, and near the deep holes as well as the shallow surface.

Applying Multiple Techniques:

Pike changes its attitude significantly over the varying period of the year. It would help if you adapted to the changing behavior for a prized catch.

During winter, pikes, likewise other fish species, are generally slow mover. So, at this time, slow fishing will be beneficial. For instance, use the lure with a slow speed.

And when it is summer, pikes become hyperactive as they run faster behind the baits. So, the lure speed will be faster than the standard time. Also, trigger the lure point on the right spot and choose an excellent bait that attracts the pike.

Selecting The Lure Color and Size:

During the winter, for pike fishing, you will need to opt for the bigger baits. However, depending on the weather condition, the bait size will vary too.

Hence, we recommend you to pick multiple bait sizes and check them throughout the day. Sometimes, pikes may not be hungry, and small baits can engage them. And on somedays, pikes can be hungry like a giant that will engulf anything.

So, you should start with the bigger bait and lures and slowly move to a smaller one and see which one works.

When it comes to color selection, you should remember that pikes are attracted more towards the bright patterns. So, choosing baits between orange, white, or green will boost the chance of pike fishing.

Be Patient:

Beginners often hurry while fishing. But it is not a thing you can afford when it comes to catching a pike. You need to wait for a few brief minutes while changing the lures. Once you retrieve a lure, don’t position a newer one immediately.

It will alert the pike. So, you may lose it.


Anglers appreciate pike fishing since it is one of the most challenging fishing sports. So, as a beginner, it’s understandable why you want to get the northern pike.

Hence, we expect ardently that our guideline on pike fishing in Ohio will boost you get in the right locations and experience some fantastic pike catches. Rejoice!

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