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Texas Surf Fishing | Fishing Spots, Best Time & Baits For Surf Fishing

Today we discuss Texas Surf Fishing. BBQ, parties, live music, golden beaches ….Texas has everything for every people. And the latest addition to Texas’s crown is surf fishing. With its long shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico, the Lone Star State offers an amazing surf fishing experience.

Hence, when fall advances, many people show their interest in Texas surf fishing. If you are one of them, you just landed on the right page.

Here, you will find the top surf fishing spots, best times, and fishing species for the Texas coastline. You can enjoy the golden beaches, party, and practice surf fishing in Texas, and you will never be tired. The large game fish in the coastal area and deep water will always keep you engaged and interested with fun and thrill fulfilled to your heart’s content.

Texas Surf Fishing: Best Time to Visit Texas

If you plan to spend your day in Texas saltwater and get a few prized catches, you should come in the fall and winter seasons here. Both seasons offer an incredible fishing experience for all anglers with different fishing skill levels.

  • The fall runs through from September to November. During this time, the moderate temperature makes a great time for surf fishing. Plus, you will get the hotel booking at the most affordable cost during the fall season.
  • The winter starts in early December and stays until late February. Although Texas sees less snowfall, you will love the sluggishness of the fishes along the shoreline.

During these two seasons, Texas offers several big game fishes for surf anglers. So, you will have an abundance of fish waiting to bite your baits.

During the fall season, you will get Tarpon and Pompano. As the season advances and the temperature shrinks more, you can catch Snook and Speckled Trout as well. You can target the Bull Redfish that can famously grow well over 50 pounds.

Some anglers also love Black Drum. You will see anglers crowding near the beaches in search of this prize catch in springs as well. If you are nook in surf fishing, an easy catch would be Pompano. It is also known as cobbler fish and is found plentiful along the entire coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. So, you can try casting on them and practice your fishing skills before targeting the bigger species.

Texas offers the best surf fishers with its best reward- the legendary shark. Different species of sharks live closer to the Texas beaches than most people think. So, only the brave surfers will chase this killer machine. However, you can still try your hands on the smaller species and take pride in fishing skills for the rest of your life.

You can first target the jacks and trout as your primary surf fishing list. Once you get a few of them, there’s no harm in using them as bait for sharks. Doesn’t it sound thrilling?

Top Spots For Texas Surf Fishing

Texas has 357 miles long coastline. So, it is full of many famous and hidden surf fishing spots with excellent fishing experiences for all anglers. You can go to the famous Baffin Bay for Specks and Reds in a rather lonely fishing session. If you love crowds, South Padre Island will never disappoint you.

Baffin Bay

The Baffin Bay is a largely unexplored fishery for surf anglers. The goldmine fishery is just 70 miles from Corpus Christi and will take an hour of comfy drive through the national highway to reach the spot. And once you reach the Baffin Bay, its solitude will mesmerize you.

Since it is little known among American anglers, the fishery is largely unexplored. So, you will have a memorable fishing experience here. You can get Reds and Flounder in abundance here. A visit to the Baffin Bay is, therefore, a must for surf anglers during the fall.

Plus, the protected space is full of exotic beauties. You can choose kayaks, boats, or larger vessels to surf fish here.

Trinity Bay

At the northernmost part of Texas lies the most popular surf fishing spot in the state. Both state anglers and other American fishers flock here during the fall and early winter. The bay is almost 20 miles long and offers ample fishing spots for all.

You can start from Galveston and ride a boat to land in this amazing coastal fishing spot. Also, in close proximity, you can find Easter Bay. Both bays offer sufficient feeding for Reds and Speckled Trout, and you can target these species at ease.

In early October, you can visit the bay when the tourists are gone, but the fishes are feeding aggressively for their winter survival. So, targeting the fattened fishes should be easy for you. With kayaks, you can explore the 5ft deep bay, especially close to the Trinity River mouth. Wading can also be a great thrill in the bay.

South Padre Island

For those who love fly fishing, this shallow saltwater has rewarding prizes. Trout, reds, and flounder are all found in abundance in this famous but crowded fishing spot. But when you prepare better and are ready to explore the long coastline, you can easily avoid the audience.

Plus, the slightly warm water at the start of fall makes great fun for surf anglers. Your visit to the South Padre Island won’t be futile here- it’s a guarantee.

The Best Baits For Surf Fishing In Texas

The baits for surf fishing in Texas will vary depending on which species you target. So, you can’t just specify particular fishing bait as the best. Nonetheless, we have talked with the expert Texas surf anglers and found some good suggestions from them.

You can choose baitfish, shrimps, and even crabs from targeting the Bull Redfish. Next, for Black Drum, you may use cut baits, shrimps, and crabs. If you target the speckled trout, nightcrawlers and minnows will work fine.

texas surf fishing


Texas surf fishing is among the top choices for American anglers. The long coastline is action-packed and offers fish for all anglers. You will love the less crowded spots during the late fall, and your visit will never be a futile one here. The abundance of trout, redfish, jacks, and Pompano will surely add some prized catch to your kitty.

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