Costa Rica Surf Fishing

Costa Rica Surf Fishing: Best Spots, Fishing Laws and Guides

Over the last decade or so, Costa Rica has become a top tourist destination among Americans and worldwide. Its golden beaches, scenic rainforests, and charming greenery attract millions of tourists throughout the year.

But if you are an angler, Costa Rica has something more for you. Yes, Costa Rica surf fishing in its crystal clear water near the shoreline is the hidden gem that anglers have been looking for for a long time. Its shoreline is full of snappers, sailfish, marlin, and many more exotic species.

Plus, you will get the rare chance of fishing both in the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, which surely will be a lifetime memory for surf anglers.

Costa Rica Surf Fishing Laws

Costa Rica has flexible rules for fishing. This flexibility attracts anglers from across the globe. If you want to surf fishing near the beaches, you won’t need any license or permission. You can simply bring on your surfing kayak and enjoy the fishing.

However, if you use a boat or other water vessels for deep fishing, you will need permission from the local authorities. You can get your tackle out of the box and chase for mackerel, jacks, or the prized roosterfish.

If you need a license, Costa Rica offers one of the cheapest fishing licenses, which will keep you interested. It includes-

  1. $15 for weekly license
  2. $30 for a one month license
  3. $50 for a year-long license

If you come in a group and plan fishing in deep water with a boat, everyone must have a license. It doesn’t matter if you all fish or not.

Top Surf Fishing Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is blessed with some stunning beaches and long shorelines. Almost anywhere you set your fishing line and baits in the shoreline; you will probably get a prized catch. That’s why it’s better to ask where you shouldn’t fish in Costa Rice.

However, some places offer better surf fishing environments and opportunities than the other spaces.  The top two locations include-

  1. The Pacific Ocean
  2. The Caribbean Sea

In both locations, you will see several amazing surf fishing spots. You need to pick one that suits your budget and requirements. 

Let’s discuss the spots in detail, so you know exactly where to cast the fishing line.

The Pacific Ocean

Let’s start with the best fishery you will find in Costa Rica, the Pacific Ocean. It homes countless big game fish that you have always cherished to catch with your fishing rod. The Pacific shoreline stretches from the Nicaragua border to Panama.

  1. Los Suenos Marina:

This fishing spot lies in the Central Pacific and is located close to the Jaco area. You can access it from the Herradura area as well. Its tropical ambiance and unparalleled beauty attract millions of tourists worldwide. But anglers can also try their luck in the golden beaches here.

Also, it is a government-sanctioned marine beach. The beach is famous for roosterfish. You will also find Marlin in abundance around its coastline.

  • Tamarindo Sportfishing:

If you want to catch some big roosterfish, this surf fishing spot could be your best choice. You can easily chase and catch roosterfish as large as 25 pounds or even more. So, rest assured to get the best of your fishing time here.

What’s more, you can fish year-round here and avail yourself of different fishing charters to suit your budget and timing. The main highlight of this fishing spot is Billfish. But you can also catch Amberjack, Snapper, etc., species here.

  • Quepos and Marina Pez Vela:

Both fishing spots are located in the central Pacific. Quepos is already a famous fishing spotpopularly known as “The World Capital of Sailfish.” It means you can get the sailfish here in abundance that will be your lifetime memory.

Nonetheless, roosterfish, snapper, and marlins are also found plentiful in both of these amazing fishing spots. So, you won’t be disappointed.

The Caribbean Sea

With its turquoise water and golden sands, the Caribbean Sea is an incredible holiday destination for all people. But little did you know that it is also an excellent destination for surf fishing. When you are ready to pick the right fishing rod and explore the water, the Caribbean Sea offers a prized catch for all anglers with various skills.

The Caribbean shoreline offers various species and amazing locations that will fill your fishing bucket and your heart with satisfaction. Also, you will find several national parks and marine reserves that will welcome you with their exotic species.

If you want a relaxed tour and scenic beauty for fun, Tortuguero would be a great surf fishing destination for you. It features shallow water to fish for Snooks and Jacks and merlin in its coastal line.

What’s more, the Tortuguero National Park is famous for tarpons. The turtle is one of the most sought-after and exotic animals worldwide. So, your surf fishing fun will double up.

You can also check the famous reefs of the Caribbean Sea. The reefs are the perfect hiding place for different species, and you can get a hold on a few of them with minimum surf fishing skills. You will at least get Mahi Mahi and Wahoo in abundance in different fishing spots around the Caribbean coastal line.

Finally, you can go deep water if you want sailfish. But even the shallow shoreline will fulfill your dream of an exciting surf fishing mission amazingly.

Costa Rica Surf Fishing


Costa Rica surf fishing is growing, and anglers can hand down their surfing skills here. The exotic fish species and golden sand beaches will surely elevate your weekend experience to the next level. You can use kayaks or the famous Costa Rican panga to taste the North American fishing culture.

You will love how this surf fishing session will be an ever-memorable event in your life. Plus, you can enjoy the nightlife and amazing destinations to your fullest.

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Costa Rica surf fishing offers exclusive locations in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. You can catch roosterfish, snapper, tarpon, etc., until you are happy.

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