How to Hold a Fishing Pole

How to Hold a Fishing Pole Accurately | Tips For Beginners

Today’s topic is How to Hold a Fishing Pole Accurately. Fishing is an amazing experience. The best anglers understand the beauty and that’s why most of them spend on the right types of fishing gear. Even so, before you spend on some of the high-end fishing equipment, it is important to learn the basics of fishing.

One of the things that you must know before you can enjoy fishing is how to hold a fishing rod. That’s why in this post, I would like to show you how to hold a fishing pole. Before that, I want to give you some important tips too. Let’s hit the road right away.

Major Parts of Fishing Rods

The very first thing that I would like us to look at is the fishing rod and its major parts. Every part plays an important role and that’s why we need to look at every one of them. Here is a simple breakdown that you can follow.

Butt Cap

This part is usually present over the rod or around the handle of a fishing rod. In short, it is designed at the bottom of the handle, middle, and the end.

NOTE: Butt Caps are usually made out of different materials. Some of the most common materials include rubber, aluminum, wood, and plastic.


The handle is where your hand should rest when holding the fishing rod. The handle is made with foam and sometimes cork. It comes on different sizes. A fishing rod’s handle length plays a great role and is a very important factor worth considering when buying.

Seat of Reel

The reel’s seat has been designed to maintain the fishing rod’s reel next to its handle. However, there are various mechanisms you can use to attach a reel. Some rods for fishing will even have rings on the foot of the reels. Others possess a hooding mechanism that screws the rod’s reel foot.


The Ferrule is used to join two sides of a fishing rod together. If the ferrule breaks, the rod also breaks.

How to Hold a Fishing Pole: A Step by Step Guide

Now that you know the basic parts of the fishing rod, it is time we looked at a step by step guide on how to hold a fishing pole. This guide that I am going to give you is easy to follow and will help you a great deal.

 Step 1: Wrap Your Fingers on the Handle

Holding a fishing pole in the perfect way plays a key role if you want a good catch. Nonetheless, the whole process begins with wrapping the fingers on the pole in the right way.  To do that, you must take one hand and put it on the rod.

Make sure the hand is within the handle area. And then enfold the fingers on the pole’s handle. You can use your thumb to provide the perfect swathing around its side. The rod should extend out from the extreme.

Step 2: Put Bottom Palm on Fishing Pole

The first step should be able to get you the perfect fishing pole grip. Yet, you can still follow this same step by placing the bottom part of your palm around the highest part. Remember that if you do this, you will have to fold the finger in the middle around the bottom of the fishing pole and towards its tip.

Step 3: Proper Forefinger Positioning

Next, position the forefinger perfectly. This will enable you to gain an ideal grip. Rest the forefinger somewhat at the rod’s highest side. Remember to put your thumb at the position that enfolds the rod’s side.

NOTE: At the end of step three, there will be the V-like shape formed by your thumb and also the forefinger. This shape will line straight up along the fishing pole to the end. This marks the end of getting the perfect grip on a fishing rod.

Additional Pro Tips

Your experience with the fishing pole doesn’t end there. For newbies who are still looking at how to hold a fishing pole, these additional tips will add in more help.

  • When you are holding a fishing pole and waiting for the fish bite, always remember that the left hand should be in the front of your reel before you can follow it up with the right hand.  
  • Your hand is responsible for guiding the line’s reel correctly. Keep in mind that it stays in the front part of your new fishing reel always.
  • If you hand stays behind the fishing reel, it is important to keep in mind that you would’ve to offer more power.
  • Keep the left hand in the right position, most importantly when you are swinging on the fish. This enables the power that you have set on the hook to rapidly advance right from the shoulders, forearms, and also biceps.

NOTE: You will never get everything right on the very first try – it happens. Just keep practicing so as to strengthen all your skills. With a perfect grip, catching good fish should be no brainer at all.

How to Hold a Fishing Pole


The fact that you are a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t get it right. Everybody began from where you are. The most important thing is to remain determined and to remember how important it is that you keep practicing and improving your skills.

With time your skills will improve and you will be able to play with the pros. Fishing gets simple when you are used to it. So as you learn how to hold a fishing pole you should remember how awesome it will be when you finally get it right.

In case you want to get the best practice, make sure you get a pro to help, ask around, practice a lot, or enroll in a fishing school for guidance too.

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