How to Catch Striped Bass From Shore

How to Catch Striped Bass From Shore | An Expert’s Guide

You may hear the term Striped Bass fishing, which is worldwide popular. So many people consider it as an adventure and have already included it in their bucket list. Are you someone who is in this group? But don’t know how to catch Striped Bass from shore. No worries. This article is going to provide you the A to Z guideline of catching Striped Bass. As we have designed this guideline especially for the beginners, it is focusing on each detail. After going through this, you will be someone among your friends and family, who will do this job like a pro. So, get ready to make everyone stunned.

What Is Striped Bass Catching?

Striped Bass are mainly the fish that continuously migrates saltwater to freshwater. They are the native fishes of the Atlantic Coast in North America. As they move constantly from each area to another, you have to follow some crucial strategies to catch them. Many fishermen claim that there are various techniques of fishing like from shore, trolling, night fishing, and fly fishing. Among all of them, catching from shore is incredibly popular and easy to learn.

 Selecting The Proper Equipment


The position of Striped Bass is completely unpredictable. Their locations depend on the weather and depths of the water. So, you will need a fish finder to get easy access to their possible locations. You can have a boat with fish-finder or can manage a reliable individual fish-finder.

Right bait

You have to make a trap by choosing the proper bait. You can use live bait or artificial one from any local tackle shop. Make sure that, the bait is familiar in that area. Otherwise Striped Bass will never fall in that trap. We would like to recommend you to consult with local fishermen or bait shops. There is another option which is using a lure. It also looks like a forage.

Rod and Tackle

The performance of a fishing rod and tackle mainly depends on what type of rod you are using. Those rods are well performed, which have fast action and much more flex. Fast action provides excellent performance. In contrast, moderate actions give the distance to the angler that reduces the performance of a fishing rod. So, choosing the right rod depends on their durability, flexibility, size, and weight.

What Are The Procedures to Catch Striped Bass From Shore?

Finding The Right Location

The first step is choosing the right area at the right time of the year. If you acknowledge some of these facts, then you will find the shore fishing more exciting. Most of the Striped Bass takes place near to the bank during April and May. So, all you need to do is observing the area and point out the preferred location.

Choosing The Right Time

If you are fully determined to get fish from shore then night time is the best option. Most of the cases, stripers roam around the shore in darkness when the water remains shallow and calm. They mainly prefer to hunt for food at night. So, it is the perfect time to make your fishing experience more exciting and memorable as well.

Using Live Eels

This is an effective way of fishing in deep water. If you find the high depth of the water near the bank, you can use them. Any larger size of fish can easily be caught with the help of living eels.

Hooking The Eels

You can hook in two ways. The first one is hooking through the mouth to eyes. Another way is placing the hook deeply into the mouth. It is recommended to use rounded hooks for avoiding guts. Make sure that, the hooking is not tight enough to hurt the eel. Your moto should be keeping the eel alive for longer because Bass will be more apparent for the alive than the dead one.

Casting Out Eel

Star with easy moves when you first cast your eel. Let the eel go to the bottom of the water. Then start to reel slowly. Try to make easy moves according to the wind flow. If you find the wind and tide are hostile, then it is to better add some more weight. You can use any rock for it.

Reeling In

When you feel that the bass is trapped in, bend the rod to make it stay parallelly with the surface of the water. Now you can follow two processes. Either you can immediately reel in the fish or let the fish run for a few seconds. It depends on the durability of the rod. If it is sturdy enough to bear the sudden pressure then you can go for a quick process. In contrast, if the rod is not durable enough then take some time to cope with the situation.

What Are The Tips You Should Follow?

  • Try to find out the shorelines with the help of rocky points.
  • When you are managed to find your targeted spot, try to stay quiet.
  • The shallow areas near the mouth of rivers are the best places for catching larger fish in February.
  • Observe the cycles of tides because that is the great time when the warmer water comes out sweeps across.
  • Try to concentrate on five to six feet deeper flats instead of two to three feet.
  • If you can see the ripples in water then try to make your moves slowly and calmly.
  • As bass love the blood of worms, it is better to do fishing with bait instead of the lure.
  • If you don’t want to use bait, the plastic swimbaits might be a great option. you can easily find them in tackle shops.
  • On sunny days the water becomes warmer, so it is also a great time for fishing.
  • During the migration season, lots of hungry basses roam around for food. So, it will be better to choose the right season for catching from shore.
How to Catch Striped Bass From Shore


All the above instructions are applicable for fishing from both boat and bank. However, they are especially outstanding from the shore. The best locations for catching from shores are mainly the common places that you walk around every day. So, just try to observe for a few days constantly and you will find the right position.

To sum up, we hope that the given guideline is effective enough to instruct and you have learned how to catch Striped Bass from shore.

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